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  1. I changed everything a bunch of settings in the bios pertaining to the nic and mac address, but nothing worked. So i set everything back and out of curiousity enabled sata ports 3-4 where previously they were disabled now it works perfectly and has dropped a connection since. so strange.
  2. Tried that, still no go. Its wierd cause reseting the computer is crude version of /renew but one works and the other doesnt even though the basically do the same. I just tried manually entering the mac in the bios so well see what happens.
  3. Mine has the same issue, except to get mine working again i have to restart the computer. All the other computers in my house dont loose connection, just mine. Guy from Road Runner is goin to come look at the cables on the outside tomorrow, but im almost 100% its the computer because the others dont have them.
  4. Here yah go, http://www.hwupgrade.it/download/file/763.html The site is in Italian i downloaded mine from a chinese site. There are two versions one with a graphics test and one without it, the one without is alot smaller of a download but either one is fine.
  5. Id get the gskill or ocz and another 74gb raptor for some raid 0, or 2 x 80gb hitachi sataII drives in raid 0.
  6. What a nice present, i was still useing DOS when i was 8, lol.
  7. FF all the way! I used opera way back, i didnt really like it that much, maybe ill give it another try. But right now im interested in IE 7 beta2. Its because the site has a dated certificate to authenticate it and if the date on your computer is wrong it thinks the certificate is a fake and the site is bad.
  8. Try running some winbench99, its a lot more accurate of a test than any of those.
  9. You just gotta be careful to who you listen to on some forums and always get multiple opinions. Just suck it up as a hard lesson learned, i know i have numerous times not do to the same situation but close, i think we all have. In the future you'll be able to look back on it and say u did the right thing.
  10. WOW that sucks, that was definetly the sweet spot...........of death, poor cpu never had a chance. Do u have another board to try it in? If its a retail processor u can rma it, not sure if theyre goin to ask you what happened to it or not.
  11. Does the price include the electric bill that that thing is going to rack up?
  12. hehe, theyre the drives in my sig hooked up to the areca controller with a 16k stripe and 4k cluster, needs some tuneing though.
  13. I feel your pain, its been raining almost all week here.
  14. Ok i figured i would post this here even though no one seems to need this info. If you want to use the top 16x pci-e slot on the ultra-d for something like a raid controller u have to perform the sli mod on it to make it work. Took 15 min to do and now it works awesome. :nod:
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