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  1. "i paid $$$ for this and it's barely beating my air cooler? wait, what's... DAMN IT!"
  2. it still surprises me today how much the death of a guy i'd never met affected me. OCC hasn't been the same. i often find it difficult just to come back here and read a few posts.
  3. >don't visit OCC in over a year >ponies everywhere >leave immediately
  4. forget ethics, if you are seeking to get something you know you're not entitled to free from your ISP you obviously don't really care, and personally neither do i. if i were you i'd tell them that your router had a major fault which caused you to have to dispose of it. sparks, flames etc, anything that means you don't have to actually break it or return it. that way you end up with a spare router. ideally you also tell them that you don't need the new unit to be installed. usually you won't get much argument there as your ISP can send the new unit through the post, saving them cost of the callout and probably also avoiding more questions and again having to return the "broken" router. i guess it could be complicated in that they may argue that the router remains property of the ISP, in which case if you tell them you threw it away they may attempt to charge you for a replacement.
  5. off the top of my head, one thing that's been driving me crazy lately is my girlfriend squeezing my soda bottles before replacing the cap. who knows if that actually works, but i find it annoying, and my soda is flat.
  6. more like an average. it doesn't need to be too specific for my purposes anyway, so either will do.
  7. at first i put mine on the NB, CPU and GPU wedged between the heatsink fins in various ways. then i put them back in the box they came in. i already have enough messy wiring in my PC to bother with a couple of fairly inaccurate sensors (well they may have been accurate, just a little useless knowing the temperature of my heatsinks!).
  8. nah, i figured selling the PS3 version and keeping the steam version might work out, but it's not a voucher from the look of it. the article states that you have to link your PSN account to your steam account ie you need to actually own a PS3. that said, if you do own a PS3 i guess you could play it once, get the steam version then sell it?
  9. personally i never seem to uninstall anything, still got 42 installed at a glance! some of them are unfinished, some awaiting DLC, but yeah most are there out of laziness. and don't get me started on the steam sale stuff, at least i don't actually have those installed!
  10. well this one is pretty simple i guess, PC games only. as the description says, i need a little data for a project i'm working on. not telling exactly what it is at this point, but when it's done it will most definitely be of interest to OCC!
  11. okay for the sake of googlers and OCCers alike: problem turned out to be the drive letter. i had the pagefile on A:/ and removing the PF and changing the drive letter of my pagefile partition solved the problem. i assume this happened because A and B are still reserved for floppy drives? surprising to me, because not only are floppy drives past obsolete, but win7 didn't throw up any warnings about putting a pagefile on A:/ nor of course setting that drive letter in the first place. wierd, but sorted, cheers for the responses ebarone!
  12. yeah i tried this, and the error went away, but the total available pagefile was only 16MB (the allocation on C) despite the 6142MB allocation on the F3 still showing on the list. win7 by the way.
  13. just got a samsung F3, and decided to create a 30GB partition for my pagefile and various other temp files, with the rest of the drive left for storage. i previously had my pagefile on a seperate storage drive, although not on its own partition, so i figured that if i disabled the pagefile on that drive, set the pagefile on the new partition and restarted i would have no problem, however windows now gives me an error stating that (not exact wording) "there has been a problem with the pagefile settings on startup, so windows has set up a temporary one". i get this message every time i restart. i can set my pagefile on C, disable it altogether, or put it back on my older storage drive, but the F3 is easily the fastest drive i have, and of course i'm also annoyed that my system won't do what i tell it to! any ideas?
  14. i sincerely hope everyone has already found this, but someone made a small patch which significantly increases performance in FNV, especially outdoors and when there are a bunch of NPCs onscreen at the same time. http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34778 it just fools the game into thinking your video card is a 7900GS, which forces it to run in DX9 mode. for some reason if it knows you have a DX10 capable card, even though gamebryo doesn't make use of it, it runs some sort of emulation which isn't terribly fast or stable unfortunately. the official patch doesn't seem to have made a lot of difference to performance so even if you've already updated this is highly recommended! hope this is helpful!
  15. oh man, some good stuff here. i laughed, i cried etc! thanks again for all your replies, you guys have genuinely helped me out here, partly in terms of how i've dealt with this and just in the way i've been thinking about this in general. things have gotten much better between me and my girl for the last couple of days, it seems like back to the way it was before she ever knew about this whole thing. i still can't be sure the problem won't come back at some point, everyone gets moody from time to time and i'll just have to see how she is next time that happens. for the time being though i'm hopeful that having gotten through it being such a big deal this time it might have sorted it out for good.
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