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  1. did you have FW enabled or disabled? i had the same problem with painkiller, and i reinstalled the drivers with them enabled, and it fixed the problem
  2. i have a 9600 Pro, and i get ~3700 @450/336
  3. i'm running omega's version of 4.5, and i don't have any probs. mangar, its strange you mention the 3.9's because those are the ones that really messed up my system. there weren't any crashes that i can remember, but all my games were suddenly extremely laggy with them.
  4. 15, 16 on august 14th jeese, i can't wait until i can drive! that will make everything sooo much easier!
  5. alright, thanks everybody! btw: sorry i couldn't respond for soo long, my internet was down for a long time for many reasons anyways... thanks again for the help!
  6. hey, there are alot of vga coolers out there as everyone knows, and i want to get a really good one. i'm gonna be putting it on my 9600 pro... anyone have any input? also, i want it to either: 1. come in contact w/ the memory chips, or 2. leave them w/ enough space to put hs's on them. i was looking at the zalman zm80c-hp, or the thermaltake giant III. does anyone have any experience w/ either of these products?
  7. i'm just wondering... you already have a kick a$$ system in your sig... what are you planning to do with this one? also, you should get a black light and paint your stuff with uv paint... that would be awesome
  8. iTunes is the best i have come accross so far... my thanks to whoever came up with the idea to make a windows version! i do use mmjb though for ripping cd's because it automatically puts the songs in organized folders
  9. who says you ACTUALLY need to like the subject you pick? just do what i do... fake it... (lie)
  10. i wish i knew how to do 3d things with autocad... i'm in a cad class, but its a beginning class, and were only doing stuff in 2d. we have autocad 2004. u should see what they use at HP. its like an amazingly souped-up autocad. i can't remember what its called, but i sneeked in to the modeling shop one time with my dad
  11. motherboard monitor (MBM) will do what you want and much more. i would use it, but it isn't compatible with my mobo <_< you can get it at the download section of this site
  12. hey, does anyone have enough experience with LindowsOS to know if it's any faster? i know XP hogs mem like crazy, so i was wondering if LindosOS would be better for gaming? thanks in advance! alright, i did some digging on the LindowsOS website, and i have too many games and stuff that won't work with LindowsOS, (maybe i should be saying Linux). i would love to get rid of teh **** that is Microsoft, but i guess i'm gonna have to wait a little longer.
  13. thats also the same case that i have, and yes, the cooling is horrid. i leave the top and left side panels off all teh time, but the warrenty just expired, so i'm gonna have to start modding it now. i'm gonna remove as much of teh metal on the side panel as i can, and put in a window on top and side w/ fans on both.
  14. my opinion is that pc's are better because you can always swap out older stuff, but windows REALLY slows down pc's. If windows was better at not hogging rescources, and had less crap goin on in the background, then i think everyone would agree that pc's would kick the pants off the xbox. One very big reason with the graphics looking smoother sometimes on the xbox is that they output to a TV. you don't need AA at all when you use a TV, so thats one of the advantage of consoles. then again, if you use a tv for gaming w/ a pc, then that's the best! find someone w/ a 50" tv or better and try that out sometime. it rocks! btw... 9600 is a nice card, i'm very satisfied with mine, and can't wait for hl2!
  15. when you cut alluminum, make sure to use a little rubbing alcohol, and that will keep it cool, it won't discolor or anything, and it will keep sparks down too
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