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  1. Sounds Good, I Appreciate the time Have a good one all
  2. Yea, Cpu-Z displays 3.4. Thanks for the confirmation. Also, Would it be better if reset the multiplier to 9 and used 378 for my FSB? When i made the choice I figured the FSB being faster would be beneficial, but I'm not 100% certain. Thanks again
  3. Hey guys, Basically I am Running a E6600 OC'd to 3.4 at the moment with a AC Freezer 7 Pro, and My temps are fine (30 idle, never above 45 full load). On my System properties, It displays my Clock speed at 3.83, but BIOS, and everywhere else is 3.4ghz. I DID drop my Multiplier to 8 and increase my FSB to 1700, so Im guessing its wrong, Wouldnt make sense anyway, but I'd like a conformation Also while I'm at it, Is it more efficient to drop my FSB and increase my multiplier, or am I ok as is? Thanks for the time, Jeff
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