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  1. its a MOTU PCI-324. Yeah, i tried the installation a couple of times, I've even got it down to what the setup is up to when it freezes. ks.sys Whatever that is , the company's tech support is pretty terrible. I was hoping this was an obvious sign of a specific problem, HA. If I wanted that I shoulda got a dell, lol Im stuck until monday when I can call tech support, they never reply to emails
  2. Hey, I'm trying to install my soundcard on the computer I built for multi-track recording. This system is sick A7M266-D with dual 2400+ (xp pro), but just as the driver is installing the system locks up. What kind of problem does this sound like, I just assembled the system for audio and now the soundcard doesnt work! Does anybody know what kinda problem this is, IRQ conflict? Or does it sound like I'm screwed? thanks. Eric
  3. well if only one device can be accessed at once than having two harddrives on the same channel would defeat the purpose of having a seperate audio harddrive! Thanks A lot, I didnt know that Eric
  4. If I wanna run two optical drives and two harddrives should I set it up so that the hard drives are both master devices, and both optical drives are slaves (or vice versa), or should I set it up so that both harddrives are one channel and both optical drives are on the second channel. Does it even make a difference? The new comp will be a DAW for audio recording so harddrive access is more important than optical drive access. The stuff is still in the mail but I'll be using, western digital 120 w/ 8mb cahce western digital 80 w/ 8mb cache Lite-on DVD drive Sony DVD burner Thanks, Eric
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