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  1. Good idea on the contest indeed. And rest in pieceto Verran, sad that he had to go. Wish I could say more, but.........
  2. pffft. I enjoy having control over my mind, rather then a 3rd party substance to do it. Reality may suck, but we live it. I dunno, maybe it works for the weak minded? hahahah jk.
  3. After the alliedship between Russia and China, and the mass production of fighter jets, tanks, naval equipment for china that Russia is producing, this could be a start, of maybe something big. Also, the fact that Russia is also producing the new two 5th gen fighter jets for India, Russia, and Obviously China is gonna buy into it, like they always do. Also, I believe China is producing technology for Russia. Two powerful country's allied. At least USA has powerful allies like Isreal, England, and Germany (and obviously the super cool Canada).
  4. Death is just the next step we take in life. The end? maybe, maybe not. My condolences. I lost my grandmather (at 90) on Christmas day last year, and I am expecting my grandfather (96) to pass away this year. Although, I don't wish it or anything, but it may happen. I hate funerals, and I dread the day when I have to go to my parents funeral. Hopefully I will be dead before hand (I rather go out with a big bang, if you know what I am talking about), and I don't really wanna get old either, so I want it sudden! BOOM! (heheh) Keep strong my friend. Edit: huh, just realized I am posting a semi older thread. Oh well, I still give my condolences.
  5. It really is not for everyone, but I still stand by my statements in that it is a good game! The thing is, Undying was great, and had the ability to scare us easy. But now, especially with me, It is very hard to scare me in these senses (monsters). So to be honest, I was not expecting to be scared, but to be driven into the story and gameplay (which I currently am!).
  6. ^ agreed. You can't claim that L3 is something Intel never tought of, cause they did, look at the Itanium. The Itaniums 7 years ago performed like utter crap and the L3 cache did nothing of any benifits. Also, Hyper Transport is AMD's tech of Bus speed, not Intel's, and to be honest, they don't need it either. If you can prove me wrong, please post benifits. Alas, 2 cores on 1 die, without behing two physical cores...... Intel has thought of that, and probably already has done it (hmm, I believe Penryn is supposed to be 2 cores (1 physical) on 1 die) but the Kentsfield was different, because it is more of a marketing strategy. Why wait, when you can beat your opponent at it faster? Yes, it was more power hungry and produced more heat, but it still worked, did it not?
  7. Lol the Castro Hats. I agree, I see women everywere wearing it, and I ask "what the heck are you supposed to be with that?" and I say "it looks aweful!" Fashion is going downhill I guess.
  8. What are the prices of such units?
  9. LOL funny! I agree though, pugs are so damned ugly! Can't stand them, nor can I stand to look at them.
  10. I have to admit, I was also amongst some of you out there, whom believed this game would be so-so or a failure. But I was wrong when playing it! This game, is totally underrated and out of the 'hypedar' (Hype mixed with radar), and should be played by all Horror, First Person Shooter AND Clive Barker fans. Of course, some of you are gonna say "It is just another linear shooter.....", and that MAY be true to some extent, but with it being linear, it is plauged with nothing but a good story line. I mean, it is unique, different then your average "Uh Oh, Soviet/Muslim terrorists attacked America, we must purge the lands of the world!", but instead, you get a story about God's first creation, unleashing its wrath upon the world, and a paranormal, magician, group came to save the day. Performance and look of the game are amazing at that too. I mean, the game looks nice, REAL nice, and keeps a good steady frame rate on my current system (which will change if I decide to get either the 8800GT or the HD 2900GT). I say this game is worth a go at it, and NOT the crappy review given by IGN, GameInformer, or PCZone Uk. They are payed to review, and they are sometimes biased in their own thoughts. So go against reviews, rebel against others thoughts, and actually GIVE this game a try! photobucket, visit it and view my pics taken during gameplay.
  11. Alright, thank you for the reply. I could be a reviewer. So If I create a review for you (will be purchasing a HD 2900 GT real soon), and send you my rendition of the review, I could be qualified into becoming a reviewer? Thank you.
  12. Nice man! I am thinking of doing the same with my e6300, since it appears that I have a convext IHS. Inspection doesn't show, but my temps sure do! I was thinking of starting with 800 grit, and moving my way to 1500 after a 1200 quick. Nice job though, real nice finish!
  13. To be honest, you do not need a 650w PSU, as I find you can get away with a 500 or 550w PSU with current technology. As we should face it, most hardware is trying to go the other way around (less power consumption), so we do no need to go overboard. The mushkin PSU's are indeed great, as they are both pretty capable PSU's, and are modular. Problem I see, is that the PSU's such as the one listed before is just midrange, so do not expect it to survive for such a long time at high loads. But seeing some reviews, were they test it on a overclocked X2 3800+ w/ 2x 8800GTS's, it still lived to tell the tale, along with, not dipping too much on both the 5v and 12v. Ripple was not bad either, could have been better, but it definatly was not overabundant. As for the corsair PSU, i is a definate buy. Those PSU's are rock solid, and with modular capabiliies, making them pretty ideal for just about anybody. Although, the hefty price tag may be viewed as questionable, but no doubt, you get great quality with them. It is all up to you my friend, and hope for the best. But a rule of thumb, NEVER cheap out on a PSU. Enjoy your night guys.
  14. At current moment, nothing, since I am at work. When I do get the free time though, I tend to play these: - Timeshift Demo (awesome, really amazing) - Team Fortress 2 - Bioshock - World In Conflict - Red Orchestra Ostfront But sometime soon, I may pick up the Clive Barker's Jericho game. The demo was amazing, and the final product is out, and should be really great (judging on peoples reactions so far).
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