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  1. Well when the 295's were released I had 2 of them in quad-sli and I paid 600 dollars each for them and Im in the mainstream market.... right now I have 2 5870s in CF that beat the crap out of those 295's I used to have..... If nVidia ACTUALLY PRODUCES a dual gpu gf110 card i doubt it'll cost less then 800 and alot more people will be leaning towards the 6990 as well as myself. BUT they promised a dual gpu card then the 480 came out and failed horribly which is why I dont think they'll make one.
  2. Like i've said before I'll believe the dual gpu nvidia card when I SEE it. I dont think they'll make one......
  3. i dont think it'll be that high when the 6870 released at 350.00 im expecting around 600 so unless nVidia lowers the price of the 580 its gonna be ATI ftw AGAIN
  4. I have a strong feeling once the 6990 is released everyone's gonna forget all about the 500 series
  5. Well I play BFBC2 with everything maxed out and my vid settings all on max quality and still get 120-140fps at 1080p so I dont think I have a gpu bottleneck. You obviously dont know how powerful a 5870 is lmao
  6. How do I do all of that without being able to see the game once it opens?
  7. lol Bottleneck? This is the only game I've ever had a problem with....
  8. Lol I thought maybe there was something wrong with the one he burned so he brought his copy over and does the exact same thing......
  9. Whats up everyone. Yesterday I ran into a problem I've NEVER seen before and I thought maybe someone on here could help me out. My friend burnt me a copy of Hawx because I wanted to play it before I went out to buy the new one. I installed the game and everything and there weren't any problems at all. When I first went to open the game it did it's little update thing and then installed the update and everything was fine. When I click on the icon my screen goes black and there is a little box that says "INPUT NOT SUPPORTED" and it kinda floats all over the monitor and I have to go to the task manager and close it out manually. Now I can hear sound and everything but I just cant see anything........ This one's really got me stumped. I've tried a google/yahoo/bing search and couldn't come up with anything. I read about guys having problems with no sound but not no video. I have an Acer X233H 23" Monitor if the helps. I've tried lowering the resolution all the way down and that didn't change anything so I dont know. I'd like to play it so I can decide if I want to buy the new one but its kinda hard when I cant see anything on the screen lol. Please help if you can, Thanks. Matt
  10. Lol Intel HD I'd like to see someone try to play bfbc2 or metal of honor with that there "graphics" chip
  11. Im not disappointed in the 6970 at all...... Its a hundred and twenty dollars cheaper...... Buy two of them and run them in crossfire. When the 6990 comes out what's nVidia going to compete with then? Yes I know they're "talking" about a 595 but honestly I reallly doubt they ever even come out with that card. They're going to ride the 580 out as long as they possibly can just like with the 480.......... Im sticking with ATI/AMD
  12. Yeah telling someone on here to stfu will get you banned pretty fast. Bosco doesnt play around about that kind of stuff, just letting you know........
  13. The most power that can be supplied through a pci express x16 slot is 75 watts of power....... Most high performance video cards pull well over that usually around 300 plus watts under full load so like I said before most of the power is supplied through the connectors on the card.....
  14. Thats why all the cards you see today or at least most of them have power connectors on them. I haven't seen a card that draws ANY power through the slot in a long time. Its simply not needed anymore.....
  15. That "1960's" board you are talking about is PCI 2.8 BECAUSE its 16x and with it being AM2 socket its not that old maybe a couple years. Where PCI 3.0 is really going to shine will be for the dual-gpu cards........ I don't think we'll see a single gpu card needing that kind of bandwidth for a while..... BUT if u decide to throw 2 6990's or 595's (if nvidia actually produces that card) on a pci 2.0 mobo and run some bench's then put them on a pci 3.0 mobo after they're released i guarantee you will see a difference in performance. A perfect example is comparing a 5970(hemlock) 2gb vs a 4gb..... the only thing difference is the amount of memory on the card BUT there is a big diff. in performance because of that reason. In the world of computing MORE is always better. This post has been completely hi-jacked and is way off topic.
  16. With the 580 costing around 120-130 dollars more then the 6970 there is NO way its wroth the super small margin of performance gain you will get for your money. Buy a single 6970 then save that money u would've spent on the nVidia card and get a second one in month or so and boom you're set for at least a year and a half...... you can get 2 AWESOME 6970's for 750.00 OR 2 barely more powerful 580s for 1100.00...... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. It really doesn't matter anyway because when the 6990 comes out everyone's going to forget bout the 580 anyway lol. And I REALLY doubt if nVidia ever comes out with a 595 just saying...... They haven't been too good on their promised "releases" in the past so I wouldn't put money on it......
  17. Email sent, Thanks Bosco and CCokeman!!!!!
  18. hmm my 12 volt is kinda low but it's always been like that. its like 11.835 or something idk. Maybe I neeed to warranty out this psu......
  19. lol yeah i haven't been on here in a while. hey guys where can i find ALL the correct timings for the memory that i have? all i can seem to find is the first 4...... here is the link to my modules that i have.... http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memory/ocz_ddr3_pc3_12800_platinum_low_voltage_dual_channel
  20. well i tried that Locutus so hopefully it'll fix it. i've never had this problem before so its really makin me mad lol.
  21. nope no bsod or nothing just like if i was to push the reset button right now on my case thats exactly what it does..... i have the mem timings exactly where they're suppose to be also.
  22. whats up fellas I haven't been on here in a while been busy workin and i moved too but I have a question I gotta ask to see if anyone else has ever had this problem..... For about 2 months now my computer will just randomly restart like a hard restart as if I had pressed the reset button on the case..... There is no warning as to when its going to do it or anything like it could do it right now while im typing this post lol. I have never seen anything like it since i've been building/working with computers and its really startin to make me mad. doesn't matter if the pc's been on for 2 mins or 2 days its not any kind of heat issue and i haven't changed anything in my rig recently so I just cant figure out whats going on. Either i think its my psu or mobo but idk..... has anyone on here experienced anything like this before?
  23. I've had my i7 860 (multi locked at 22) up to 4.8 one time (on air) and I just barely got into windows for a suicide screen shot BUT I was giving the cpu almost 1.6 volts in order to do so. I run it 24/7 stable right at 4.2 @ 1.450V and thats as far as i'll push it 24/7 thats probably still a little high but oh well I like the performance. You could run cinebench 11.5 to test ur cpu performance its alot faster then 3dmark vantage anyway.
  24. I believe that was on the reference card where u were able to chance the core voltage. I dont have the reference one I have the one with the fan in the middle of the card. On mine the voltage slider in afterburner isn't highlighted so u cant adjust it. I need to flash my bios to an asus card but idk how to.....
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