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  1. the speed at u complete WUz is that based on how fast ur processor is?
  2. User soccrstar Team Overclockers Club (id # 12772) Score 49.36 User Rank 71232 WU 7 Project WU 611 1 613 1 614 1 620 1 621 3 lol
  3. lol i got me a 800mhz and a 700mhz athlon tbird for 20 bucks
  4. http://www.overclockershideout.com/Merchan...ategory_Code=WB is it worth gettin' somethin' like that or waste of money?
  5. i'm with calvo, logi MX700 is best wireless mouse yet to date. it uses RF signal not the wack signals that other mouses have. i can use my mx700 ANYWHERE in my room heck even out of my room out on hallway. the signal is strong as hell. and its corded mouse quality. it owns and best of all it has a rechargin' base. wheneva not in use or at nite. just pop it in the base. by mornin' is charged n ready to go. no need to remove batteries and watnot it OWNS. i highly recommend the MX700 i got it n rocks
  6. if u tried changin' drivers, and OS and vid card and still problem get a new mobo
  7. hehe oh wow ur pops know how to hack haha daz kewl my mom dont even know how to turn a pc on lol i'm sure my old man knows bout pcs as he works in office n wat not
  8. yes. u prob disabled FDD controller in bios. mine is disabled. i dont use the FDD controller. i have a SUper disk drive (LS-120). it uses ide slot. its 5 times faster than reg FDD. reads stuff almost instantly its great and only got it for 20 bucks off ebay. waz unstested n sold as is but i took a chance and won :-D. dese things sell for 40+
  9. hehe yah dat sites old. funny though. and disgustin' and sad. but hey let them rock
  10. ohh good thing wit MS they'll send u another free of charge by contactin' their support tellin' 'em some info n they'll send one right ova :-) kewl eh hehe. i dont know the exact site as i have a Logi wireless. but bout ur wireless um i believe it does have a problem. but also is it a usb or ps/2 connector. if its usb check to see if USB mouse is enabled in bios. and well my base has a conenct botton on it also. perhaps urs do too and have to press connect on both da base and mouse. also try checkin' batteries if dont work dan u got a messed up mouse n return it
  11. sup i got the SAME mobo except its amd version lol it all depends on if u gon OC or how much u want to spend? if u a millionaire i suggest goin' wit Corsair XMS3500 CL2 memory that chip is BEAST. i'm thinkin' of gettin' it. if i do get it dan i cannot upgrade my cpu. decisions decisions. right now i got samsung PC3200 CL3 ram. choice is urs. personally i'd go for da corsair XMS3500 it'll last u quite some time.
  12. no it doesnt it is battery powered its goin' to stay on whether ur pc is on or not it is normal i have a logitech MX700 wireless mouse. it always stays on unless i put it in the chargin' base than the light turns off but urs isnt like that mine will stay 2 dayz b4 battery diein' out. i dont know on ur wireless mouse. u'll just need to have a pack of rechargable battieres for when the ones in mouse goes bye-bye. shoudl've gotten a MX700 its B) got a rechargin' base newayz hope diz helps hehe
  13. bud, u cant do that windows will NOT work if u install it on another computer than take out that drive and put it in another computer. it will simply will not work. when i changed my mobo. i asked around bout if i need to format when changin' board people said no. so i didnt bother backin' up my stuff went changed mobos and guess wat. windows wont work. it didnt install for that system but for another. as with u. u need to install it from the system its goin' to stay on.
  14. use partition magic 8.0 (if u know how) or try formattin' the drive under windows or DOS
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