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    Chesapeake, VA
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    Modding, Family, Cars, Music, Programming, Hacking, Gaming, Photography, Building Machines, Boats, Computers, Design/Development


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    New Specs-
    AMD A10-6800K @ 4.4Ghz
    Team Xtreeme 16Gb 2400Mhz DDR3
    Asus A88X PLUS
    Asus R9 270 2Gb

    Quite a leap since I last had the Specs below. It has been years since I was able to log on!

    OLD SPECS - "Case: Aspire X-QPACK (Blue)
    Motherboard: Gigabyte 865G GA-81865GME-775
    Processor: NONE!
    More o fmy specs soon.. btu for now im on a trusty old Pentium II 300Mhz with 256Mb SDRAM Care to take me for a test run! lol"
  1. I got my profile back and CAN NOT BELIEVE IT! I haven't been able to login fro YEARS! YAY I'm back!

  2. Ok i think i figured out where i was confused.. so the unit should poweron though witht that processor? it jsut wotn boot any operating system.. i knwo how to flash a BIOS and thanks.. see wha ti was thinking is that if the mobo dosent support that proecessor right off bat.. then the pc wont even turn on.. ive had experience with older systems though.. they wont show vidoe if theres no processor.. at least in my experiance.. ok so i think i got it thouhg.. Power will com on and BIOS will show up.. and then i jsut need to flash it.. my fear was that the computer wouldent even do anythign at all when you said it wouldent boot... thanks for all that helped!
  3. Thanks for the Advice Everyone, seems everything points to the Pentium D so i will go with that.. Now about flashing the BIOS.. if the computer wont boot with the Pentium D.. Then how am i suppsoe to flash the BIOS to make it boot? because thats the only processor im going to have to fit it, and if its not goign to even boot(see my confusion?)... Im just going to order it i suppsoe and hope for the best. ill let you knwo what happend..And thanks again for the Quick responses, Thats why i love this place ive never had any BS thrown my way. ADVICE: NEVER ORDER PARTS WHEN YOUR TIRED! lol..
  4. Ok so my mom ble wup my Pentium 4 i had before.. long story.. ok heres the question.. im stuck between a: Intel Pentium 4 541 3.2Ghz 800Mhz 1MB LGA775 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16819116231 or a Intel Pentium D 820 2.8GHz LGA775 800MHz FSB EM64T w/ 2x1MB http://www.allstarshop.com/shop/product.as...A1UV294EC2XF8CA Now before you laugh.. im on a budget. and ive neve rbeen into Intels. Im an AMD freak. but heres the scoop. I accedentally when i was tired, orderd the wrogn socket mobo for my old P4 2.4 forgot the socket fo rthat.. but i ended up buying a LGA755 socket mobo... Gigabyte 865G GA-81865GME-775 http://www.3gplaza.com/estore/control/Comp...etails?id=53807 Im lazy and dont want to return it and get restockign fees and such charged blah blah... so im keeping the mobo.. and i need a cpu for it. Heres what im goignt obe usign it for: Photoshop, Gaming (laugh if you must,i am.), Possible Video editing, Music Editing (Fruityloops, Adobe Audtion), Webdesign (Dreamweaver, Flash etc.), and basically an all around computer setup. Heres my big question, I knwo the Prescotts give alot of heat, its all goign in a Aspire X-QPACK Case. do you think thats going to work out with the basic Heatsink? now onto bigger questions, i do alot of multi tasking, but i also want performance. I reafd that Pentium D's are good for that. but i jsut dotn knwo which way to go from here (yes i knwo i shoudl go AMD, But theres the money issue) i only have about $110 to spare, as i jsut quit my job becaus eof my back. now anythign is better than what im on now (athough its beeter than what i learned on) a Intel Pentium II 300Mhz with XP) see my delima? but yes. i need anyswers.. maybe even insight if theres any Intel Freaks out there willign to help me out. One of these days i plan to be active agian here.. its jus tso hard when i dotn knwo whats goign on anymore.. i rememebr my AMD 2000+ oh yes.. them were the days for me :-) Thanks in Advance! and if you have a myspace and want to add me feel free to.. http://www.myspace.com/geister - Geister
  5. ill take the zip drive with disk for 20$ how much is shipping email me [email protected]
  6. ill buy it! if it hasnt already been sold.. btw does it come with any ram?
  7. I have: ATi Radeon 7000 64mb PCI - 20$ Geforce 4 Ti4280 8x AGP 128mb - 80$ Creative Ensoniqe 16bit Audio PCI 5000 - 10$ Linksys EtherFast 10/100 LAN Card - LNE100TX V. 4.1 - 10$ TechMedia 15inch CRT monitor - 15$ Compaq CDR/RW 8x burner - 15$ have some other stuff.. just tell me what your looking for.... email me [email protected] to take me up on my offers..
  8. wil you make a trade for the 9800 pro.. i have a geforce 4 ti4280 .... and im will to pay some price also.. email me if your interested.. [email protected] and we can work out something...
  9. Check out the site im making for them and check out there stuff peace ninjas..http://www.missing17children.com
  10. i can now run at a 1600 1400mhz.. it still wont run at default.... i think i need more ram..
  11. ATi RADEON 7000 64MB PCI NO BOX!! $30 its a grwat card for the price.. i just got back my old voodoo 5500 soo im selling this guy!! soon my voodoo will be up for sale and then a geforce 4 4200 128 AGP..!!!!!! email [email protected] for info
  12. Atari Jaguar WITH 1 CONTROLLER, AC ADAPTOR AND 1 GAME (ALIEN VS. PREDATOR) $30 USD VERY RARE SYSTEM!!!! 64-BIT Sega Dreamcast WITH 2 CONTROLLERS, 3 VMU'S, KEYBOARD, QUAKE 3 ARENA, UNREAL TOURNAMENT, CRAZY TAXI 2, WORLD SERIES BASEBALL 2K2, PHANTASY STAR ONLINE VER.2, DATONA USA, TIME STALKERS, SOUL CALIBER, WETRIX, WEB BROWSER 2.0, HEAVY METAL - GEOMATRIX, SOLDIER OF FORTUNE (ONLY DISC 1), GENERATOR DEMO DISC, VITUAL ATHELETE, VIRTUA TENNIS, THE TYPING OF THE DEAD, DONALD DUCK - GOIN' "[email protected]", WILD METAL AND POWER CORD $90 USD FOR ALL Nintendo 64 game - The Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time $12 USD Nintendo 64 Memory card $3 USD Nintendo Power- N64 8 Game Carrying Case $5 USD Nintendo 64 Controller - Grey $3 USD Or $20 USD FOR ALL Super Nintendo - 1 Contrller, 3 games, The Lawn Mower man, Mortal Kombat, Seperation Anxiety, AC ADAPTOR. $20 USD FOR ALL BUYER PAYS SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!! ok that didnt apply to computers did it?? o well check out my other thing for sale on here Email me: [email protected] to get ordering info!! ALL SALES FINAL!!!! PRICE REDUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!! 40$ FOR SUPER NES AND DREAMCAST.. DUNNO WHAT GAMES I HAVE LEFT!!!!!!!!!! ATARI HAS BEEN SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. This item still for sale!!!!!!!! i need money soon so if ou want a good racing wheel just PM me or email me $70 takes it that includes shipping
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