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  1. philbrown23

    Fried Cpu?

    sounds like a board issue to me m8 when my E8500 fried the board would not even power on
  2. philbrown23

    E6850 --> Q9x50

    the Q9650's have been known to hit 4.5ghz or highers and a quad at that speed will smoke a dual
  3. philbrown23

    Forum Wars - Winter 2009 - Scoring Thread

    .! my new stuff still hasnt came!!!! if it dont by the 20th I'll submit with this hardware
  4. philbrown23

    Ocbay.net - "overclockers Ebay"

    lol thats funny man. I put it on there to try and help the site take off. Plus I just bought some major graphics power for forum warz
  5. philbrown23

    Forum Wars - Winter 2009

    Alright guys I know I said I was playin for a different team but I'm in I cant turn my back on OCC like certain others have, lets take home the gold this time!!
  6. philbrown23

    What's A Stable Overclock On The I920?

    but do not take the risk of overclocking if you dont wanna fry your stuff. everyone does it and it sux when it happens I would buy a crappy setup to practice on before you do it on an expensive one, that is of course unless you have a money tree like I do
  7. philbrown23

    1.6v + 24/7

    Not to flame or anything but over at xtreme systems they proved this VERY wrong. In fact the guy that did the testing did it with 4 different E8400's all at high voltages and overclocks and They lived so long he got bored and just started trying to kill them but in fact all 4 cpu's still live today
  8. philbrown23

    Any Mma Fans In The House?

    I loooooove MMA
  9. yes SLACR is G0 stepping
  10. philbrown23

    Project: Income Tax Ftw!!

    I do have a money tree I planted out back . What do you guys think of the Phenom 2? Been thinkin about that alot lately to
  11. philbrown23

    Video Reviews

    I can see it now: This is OCC and this is a kickass product
  12. philbrown23

    Project: Income Tax Ftw!!

    check the 775 competition thread Theres benches of my quad at 4.2GHZ. I want 2 strong rigs not a crappy one and a good one.
  13. philbrown23

    Project: Income Tax Ftw!!

    ftw MEANS fOR tHE wIN Google it man P55 AKA Lynnfield will hit this summer The whole point in upgrading for me is This will be my @nd rig for folding ETC my neew one will be for forum warz/ Gaming
  14. philbrown23

    Project: Income Tax Ftw!!

    ok so I need some major help. Im going for a new build. for starters heres what I have. Intel Q6600 VID: 1.215v good for 4.2GHZ benching Maximus 2 Formula 4GB Tracer REDS 2X HD4850 512 visiontek Ultra X3 1000w psu Rocketfish my dilema is: should I get 1: Q9650 2Xhd4870 1GB and a new kick . case or 2: i7920 2X 9800GX2 DFI LP X58 ??? I'm kinda thinking keep 775 till P55 comes out Plus this rocketfish kinda pisses me off Whatcha think guys?!?!? Please dont say i7 just cuz it's new cuz that means nothing to me I know the 9650 will clock just as high or higher than the i7 920 so thats not an issue please help and give supporting reasons
  15. philbrown23

    Which Board

    I hate DFI but gigabyte is no better I say get an ASUS bahahahaaahahaaahahahahahaaaa