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  1. may be but im tending big OCing, and the Herc is much better... and if all of you hadnt understood yet, i jsut want a Hercules.
  2. 1) my first card was hercules and my last card will be hercules!!(i hope) 2) LOOKS! blue PCB(as always), led fan. 3) cooling best cooling out of all radeons! + quiet fan!
  3. im going to canada this summer and im willing to buy the Hercules 3D Prophet 9800 pro, does some1 know a store in US/CANADA that sells it(and ships it to canada)?cuz i looked in many stores online and none of them sells the hercules 9800
  4. the GA-7VAXP is a graet mobo with lots of features. but when it comes to OCing i would go with nForce 2 mobos for 2 reasons 1) PCI/AGP freq. lock wich is posible only in NF2 mobo's, for example i cant get my FSB higher that 146Mhz cuz of my Vid. card(Kyro II by herc.) that cant handle higher Freq. 2) VDD, in most new NF2 mobo's u can up the Chipset voltage.
  5. warning: using the wrap11 bios for OCing your 9500 pro removes warenty!!
  6. yes, brand doesnt metter in overall performance of the card(theyr all R9700P) but brand metters if u want good cooling(Hercules,Tyan,Sephire ultimate edition), great bundle(ATi,Hercules) good looking(Hercules, TYan) id get an hercules its got GREAT cooling(his the best OCer out of all 9700pro's), and he looks crap good(blue PCB, Blue memory Heat spreader, Gold color HSF and back heatsink)!
  7. id say, Thermalright AX-7/SK-7... sure the SLK-800/900 are great but they cost twice the SK-7 and performe same(!). plus the SK-7 otem comes with the coolermaster led fan
  8. nVIDIA will launvh the NV35 (expected to be named FX5900) in MAY 14th. nVIDIA claims that the card will be twice faster than the nv30, and that the 9800 pro wouldnt be a prob for him. we'll see
  9. get an AXP2100+ but make sure that its AIUHB stepping, then u can OC it as much as you want(as long as u have a good mobo and cooling) it can handle 200+FSB with no prob AT all...
  10. this is a nice script that u enter the whose serial number on your AXP and it shows all the detais about it:core, stepping, FSB, Multiplier, if its downgraded from a better cpu(that means that its better for OC'ing cuz it ment to be a faster chip) and alot more.
  11. go with either Corsair, OCZ, GeIL, Kingstone all are great mem. manufacturers, if u want the best memory out there then i think its the Corsair XMS3500 512mb (256mb*2 )
  12. the A7N8X is way better the VAXP, although you can find nForce2 mobos at a better price with same features(Chaintec, Epox etc.)
  13. ppl, you already know what im about to say, get an Epox 8RDA+, it has same features like the A7N8X except RAID and SATA, and it cost aroud 100$! this mobo is defenetly worth its money!
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