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  1. Just for the record, I just got the new Zalman... It seems to be doing great so far. Also, I just bought a iceberq 4 just to play around with as well. As for the finished product, check this thred.


    This heat sink provides alot more room for ram-sinks than I thought it would, so I am fairly sure the OCZ hsks would fit great. As it happens, I also used the ram sinks that came with my iceberq and they fit just fine.

  2. Just got the Zalman ZM80C-HP... It works great so far. The fan that I added to the window of my case, seems to be sufficant enough to cool it without the need for the slim-fan that is recommended with that cooler... (plus, I think I am getting alot better cooling with my mod...)


    Ach.. after this thred got started, I decided to get over my fear of modding my video card, and start doing some messing around again...


    Just to let you see the finished product, if you decide to go -this- route...

  3. What kinda motherboard do you run? I have that problem with spikes up to, if not greater than, 90C. I know that this is just a math error somewhere in the BIOS, but I havent been able to narrow it down -specifically-. A quick reboot and a check on the health status in the BIOS always shows the correct temps...


    Keep in mind that MS has a tendancy to be a resource hog, so that could explain the temps there...

  4. A VPN is actually a secure tunnel that you would use to connect to a larger network through the internet, like a network at your workplace for example. Also, you can setup a VPN between two linksys routers at your house to allow for a one-way-in one-way-out connection between the two without having to worry (as much) about network security.


    (personally, I have never setup a VPN, so correct me if I am wrong....)

  5. Ya... Ditto on the router. Chances are that you are not getting more that two IP's from your provider.


    With my linksys boradband router, as much as I am beginning to dispise it, does a great job. It has the one WAN ip (24.xx.xx.xx) and I have all of my PC's running static IPs (192.168.xx.xx)


    With a hub, you will not be able to do this correcly. Even with a switch, you wont be able to have the same effect.. The router is the easiest way to go. It will route all the packets to the appropriate PC's with little or no effort, as well as having the capabilities of a hub.




    If you already have two NICs, you can have the cable modem plugged into one, and then setup ICS through windows. I personally don't like this approach do to a larger margin for error.

  6. Suggestion? I know that there is seperate box built for chip-con systems that looks just like the lan-li cases -and- it would be the same setup that you got... just a brain storm... now where did i put that link? Ahh..Here!


    I have been dreaming of doing the same thing that you are doing, with that box..

  7. Holy @#$%&*^%! That kicks ---!!!!!!! I think that pic will go into my record books here! :lol:


    I have grown a bit shy of modding and overclocking my 9800 after a little run-in I had with spontanious combustion one day... So I just did a simple mod to my case to force cool air over it.

  8. It all depends on your setup, really. I hear that the 2.4 kicks-butt in overclockability, anyway. With my 3.0c, I can get a good 500mhz OC on stock voltages, but there again, it is with a good cooling setup....


    --Side bar--

    Way too many variables to take in for anyone to really give you an answer that will really work for you. That is why I love overclocking so much... there is always that one thing that I can tweek to get it going just a little faster.

  9. I will only go cable man. Some people swear by DSL, but I enjoy the simplicity and speed of my cable. 3Mb down stream, and I never have any problems with the rumored 'shared' bandwidth problems that are supposed to plague cable. I love it, and I will never switch!

  10. Yup.


    I will have to talk /w u IRC... hmm...


    --Update on that situation--


    I was able to stop that reboots by adding a block to port 1701 to my routers. This also worked with Norton IIS when I blocked that port with software.


    As an addition, I was also able to duplicate ANOTHER router crash with a packet loop! :) (which incedently cases a buffer overflow, and it corrupts the firmware after a time, and requires a reflash...) I am punching holes through these routers like there is no tomorrow... Lord only knows what I havent found yet....

  11. Time for a little more detail. This is happening -specifically- when AOL tries to setup a VPN with its severs. With my packet sniffing, I have determined the packet that it is sending is infact the L2TP request that it is sent to the AOL server. I was able to duplicate this by copying the packet and injecting it directly into my network, and causing the reset. I will have to get the [email protected] up and running again to see if it is infact the pass-through function of the router. From what you say, it sounds like [email protected] is doing the same thing with its servers. Any one out there with more info on how [email protected] makes its connection?


    Also, I was able to go to the store and buy another router of the same exact model and all was working peachy-keen until I got home from work and noticed that the router was not even talking outside my lan. Well, rather that it was half-way talking to the lan. On a ip scan, I found that I could see all my other static-ip's but not the ip of the router. (-that- would be kind of odd, unless the switching part of the router is not effected by this problem)


    Excuse the pages of writing here, but I need to figure this one out... I will also try to encapsulate the offending packet inside a TCP packet and see if I can initiate a reset remotely. (ach! I really didn't want to go this far..) If other people are having this problem, I forsee some interesting issues comming out of this, espectially since there have been some buffer-overflow issues recently with Linksys. Personally, this is where I think this going....


    Btw, the firmware is current.... I'll re-flash... again... and see if I can resolve this.

  12. How to start...


    After my last encounter with Linksys tech support, I have decided to try to isolate this problem at a higher level here on the forums.. :P


    I have had problems with my router resetting itself everytime AOL initiated. I thought this seemed kind of odd, but tolerable. After a few days of playing around and nosing through a few pages of packet dumps, I discovered that it is a very typical connection request being made by the AOL software that shouldn't cause such a drastic action as a reset.


    I can't give out the details of it now, but I need to know if anyone else out there with this router has had similar problems. It would be most prominent when AOL tries to detect your hardware automatically. I dont have the $$ to start swapping out hardware now, so I need to start collecting other peoples info....

  13. Lets add a mod to the original question.


    What is a good cooler for the Radeon 9800 that actually makes good contact with the GPU? I bought a 1st gen Zalman Heatpipe cooler for my radeon, but in order for it to make solid contact, I had to pop the shim off my GPU. :( Actually, it would have made good contact if I had used (BLECH!) thermal tape, but that is not an option.


    If anyone has done that before, it is a very tricky process. Not only that, it also made some minor damage to the traces around its core. I am sure that is why it fried after some extended overclocking.


    Anyone else have this problem?

  14. Sound like anything you have seen b4?


    Starting around the +500MHz range with my IC7-Max3, I tend to start getting errors with temperature reports. MBM, AbitEq and Sandra will start reporting temps of around 95C+ after about 2 to 3hrs idle.


    (... and good god, do all my temp alarms start sounding! My rig can go from a whisper quiet 28db to about 600db reeeeeaaly quick... :P )


    A reboot will easily fix this, but rebooting just for that? Ach. What a pain. Anyone ever seen this before, or better yet, have a fix for it? Abit is being a bit slack with thier BIOS updates. I -know- this is a reporting error, even though my inner-child is begging to see what would actually start to happen at 199F....

  15. Actually, plexi is not that expensive. You can pick up sheets of the stuff at your local hardware store (or gardening store, when i bought it...)


    I was doing some ducting mods at the time, and went through a load of the stuff. All you really need as far as tools is a drill and a scoring tool (aka sharp knife) and you are set.


    OMG! You let an old fridge go! I have been dreaming of a fridge mod for a while... In my job I walk by two -huge- bio-freezers (-23c!!!!) every day and just dream of what I could do.

  16. Whoa there! Sorry to cut you off, but electrical tape wrap jobs under multi-colored lights look like ****.


    I flipped my drives. No, really. Take your HDD's and put them in backwards. If you think about it, you can run your power cables through the front bezel, and completely eliminate any mess in the 'main-space' of your case. OR, if you still use ribbon cables and the IDE sockets allow, fold them right at the plug at a 45deg angle and run them flat against the back of your MB plate to the HDD's.


    Also note: On most 3 1/2 mounts, this will only allow for 2 screws to be put in the HDD, the back two. This problem will cause the drive (depending on you case) to pivot and causes a potential damage problem allong with noise. 1. Tighten the screws tigher than normal or 2. Use thermal tape to stick the sides of the drive to the case.


    Check it.


    (that is my old rig btw, and have since gone to a new mess to try to clean up... ) ;)

  17. lol!


    Kinda makes waste of our dremel tools, now don't it? Heck, if you are using cardboard for your ..uh.. chassis, you might as well make ducts for the NB/SB, CPU, and GPU using a single high-cfm 120mm.


    What if you make a wrong cut? -gasp- Break out the duct tape! :lol:

  18. Currently, I am testing out the stablity @ 3.675 here. I -know- I can get it up to 3.75, but I get some major temperature reporting errors. (core report will spike up to 95C, and MBM will shut me down...)


    FYI, I know that you can reduce your core voltage a bit, because I am running 1.6v with my overclock. Of course, my stability my be more attributed to my motherboard.... Even though I am running a bit hot, it is still within my green zone.


    Current overclock /w P4 3.0C / Abit ic7-max3

  19. If you are going to go all out on a hsk cooler I go with the plug for the swiftec as stated before. Swiftech hsks are the -bomb- when it comes to air cooling, and if I was still an air cooling freek (yeah... i was anti-h2o for a bit... ;) ) that would be my first choice for my north bridge..

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