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  1. Just to clear things up with all the people who mentioned the auto-shut off on the mother board...


    Even if the board shuts itself off, those who know about peltier cooling know that a relay is needed to be able to shutoff the mean well psu's. One -was- on the way for me to use but fate got to me first. So, in a way, this is a thred about the importances of relays in water/pelt systems. But more importantly, there are some people out there crazy enough to try anything to get their OC's. ;)

  2. wowowow what kind of cpu was it?


    thats crazy.. did the RAM or vidcard get screwed in this process?


    since a water line broke.. making water spill everywhere i presume

    It was a P4 3.0C, but no more! There was water everywhere, but not as much as you would expect. The swiftech pump I use has a very interesting function. When there is a drastic change in water pressure, the flow stops... interesting. I really don't know -why- the flow stops, but it does.


    The system did turn off, but I didn't get my relay that I was going to use in time. So, even though the system turned off, the pelt kept going. My bad, I guess, but water cooling people don't plan on broken lines, just slow leaks. Something to look into for my next-gen of hardware.


    Since the board was able to turn the system off, my ram, vid-card and PSU survived this little ordeal, but it will take a while for the PSU to blow out the smell of burnt plastic.

  3. The mis-working watercooling is an understatement. From what I can piece back together, :P , I blew a water line off the Maze somehow. The loss of water caused the slight increase in temperature in the pelt....


    BTW, the soldered connections are what saved me from further damage. When it finally got hot enough, they did melt off the pelt and stopped the current... nice, hu? Of course, you have to see the socket...


    Note: Melted OTES, the Socket missaligned with the outline for it on the board, CPU pins -still- in the socket..

  4. Two things: RTV Silicone and dielectric grease. It took me a while to get my block sealed up enough so that it didn't condensate, but I soon found that RTV was a god-send. It'll seal everything up and it is easy enough to clean up after it dries. Stay away from the conformal coating that is usually recommended unless you know what you are doing.


    BTW, and 80W pelt won't do it. Go with the 226W, but make darn sure that you have good cooling for it. I blew a water line to my pelt, and it melted the lucite top that is on my Maze 4. Thank goodness I had a spare top.


    Good info site along with some other extreme cooling

    OC Tools (slightly outdated, but ok.)

  5. Btw, ABIT was having issues with with the memory/fsb ratio settings before the .14 release of thier BIOS. Maybe there are some lingering issues with their memory settings.....


    ( coulda swore that you could get higher than 2.9 with that board...)



    Was thinking that you were running an Abit .. disregard last post!

  6. Until I find a vdimm mod for this board, I only have 2.9v. I have to run the memory 5:4

    Btw, ABIT was having issues with with the memory/fsb ratio settings before the .14 release of thier BIOS. Maybe there are some lingering issues with their memory settings.....


    ( coulda swore that you could get higher than 2.9 with that board...)

  7. Fn-A-Right man... good OC's for you!


    I have been getting some awesome results with my OCs with the same proc. I -know- that it can get up to 4GHz stablem but had mucho problems with heat once it gets that high in speed.


    Keep us updated! I am really interested in this thred because I run the same mobo and proc. (better ram though! :P )

  8. Something else on my mind guys... when does a person need to up his memory voltage? thanks

    Leave this one up to your sixth sense... If you know that your core voltage is up high enough and you have a good OC going, but you are -still- getting system hangs, try a slight up on the memory voltage. It has helped me out sometimes.


    You also need to know the speed that your memory is rated at. If you start going beyond its manufatured speed, of course, you will need to up its voltage.



    Now that I think of it, I usually run faster memory than my BIOS supports so that I do not have to play around with voltages. My ABIT will only 'support' up to 3200, but I run 4400 for my OC's so I have -alot- of room to work with.

  9. Welcome to the crowd. Remember this though, don't get too involved! ;) My rig is getting more and more down time after my OC sessions. Overclocking will do damage, and it can lead to some serious fun. Then again, I do alot (I mean ALOT) of modding and experimenting.


    Just in example, I blew a water line today. Don't ask me how, but when you see H20 on the -inside- if the window, things might have gone wrong. If you only could see the list of hardware that I have gone through.......

  10. You need to keep the higest pressure water going to your blocks. If you use multiple rads, only split the flow to go to each one. Point is, after the blocks you want to give the water the most ammount of time to cool back down to room temperature. So, if you go right from your rads to your resivoir, you are giving the water more time to cool down.


    I don't really recommend putting the blocks after the rads. :) And by all means, slow down (but don't restrict) the water flow after the blocks. If you have the pump running directly to the blocks, you will have no problems.


    And yes, alot of the time you will not get a big drop in temperature with water, but your temps will be alot more stable with water. What are your load temps, btw?

  11. Side note on those heat pipes: Evaporation of the liquid in the pipe is suppoed to pull more heat away from its source. There are high-end cooling systems that spray flourinert over a cvd-diamond heat spreader (this is also happens at a -very- small level.) so that the evaporating liquid will carry it out from the hsk quicker. I need to find those diagrams again, but it is some cool stuff that works on the same principle.

  12. I have put alot of effort into getting my pelt setup working correctly, but have not quite ironed out the kinks yet...


    Currently I am running a 226W pelt with Mean Well psu, so I know I have enough cooling power. The pelt is cooled with a Maze 4 3/8 ID, and dissipated with 2 Swiftech rads. I have a Extreme II Rad on order along with a dual 5 1/4 res to dissipate even more heat... (That pelt gets HOT!)


    Idle, I run great, but my temps go sky high under load. We are talking from a low of 10c to somewhere in the 50's. under load!!! This, in turn will crap-out any benchmarks that I try to run.. (as soon as the temp hits 45C (under heavy OC) is where benchmarks usually self-desrtuct for me...)


    BTW, I can run fine under a mild OC, but I still have those same problems, only they do not cause instability.


    Edit: I also would like to add that I had to use <gasp!> white goop on the pelt due to the cold. After taking my block apart, I found that AS5 don't like the cold too much. AS5 is on the CPU, though... ;)

  13. :withstupid:


    If I had not experianced that, I woudn't believe it if I heard it. It seems that the same thing has happened to my P4 core. At stock speeds, it will not run at stock voltage. I am just glad that I know how to tweek my speeds....


    Back on topic though, higher voltages will give better stability up until the core fries itself....

  14. I was going to try and stack many fans together and see what kind of airflow that I can generate with it. Only thing though, I can't think of a good way to test it at all, any sugggestions?


    Back in my early days, I did contruct a duct that piped a 92mm fan down to a high-speed 20mm that worked great, btw.

  15. :withstupid:


    My first few experiments with H20 were with pre-assembled kits. My best advice is to keep your eye on the forums and see what people like and dislike, and make a hybrid setup yourself. Ditto on the Swifty rads to... I have two of them -struggling- to keep up with dissipating the heat from my peltier, and will have to upgrade to a dual danger-den setup soon, i think. Running hot H20 over a pelt is not my idea of a good time.

  16. I have hit this problem many times before.....


    When you build a computer for someone else, be prepared to support it for the rest of your life. :smack:


    What you have to take into consideration is the persons needs. Do they -really- need all the flashy stuff that we cannot live a day without? Do your parents really need to overclock 1ghz? Didn't think so.


    For them, if it breaks, it is hella easier for XYZ computer company to replace it, rather than you spend hours fixing it when it really breaks. Just my two cents...


    (EDIT: As far as regular components for 2K? Just go to NewEgg and you can put a kick-butt system together for $2k.)

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