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    Water Additive Question

    Aight... I was doing some heavy research into this and found that alcohol will increase the surface tention of water and greatly decrease waters themal dispersion. If you must add alcohol, don't add isopropyl (rubbing alcohol, which is only 70% pure) but use pure ethyl alchohol. The closest thing to pure would be Everclear, as there are quite a few other things in your vodka that would degrade PVC tubing. The best liquid to use is straight water with a little bit of water-wetter. This will still decrease the waters thermal dispersion, but it will greatly reduce the surface tention, allowing better flowage and kill any little critters. Whew.
  2. KraZy

    Swiftech 8501(2 Radiators) Vs 22501 Cooling Kit

    2 rads dropped my temps from 59c to 43c. Big Jump eh? I can't do full testing now to get accurate results as my RAID 0 drives decided not to power up anymore. 320gb == phbtbthbthtbthtbthb.
  3. KraZy

    Swiftech 8501(2 Radiators) Vs 22501 Cooling Kit

    About to try out a 2 rad setup now... had to go out and get another one for my rig, so i'll let you know how it goes.
  4. KraZy

    H2o Help.

    (Ach.. still a n00b in h2o. I miss air cooling, but not the noise..) I have the Swiftech 8501 kit that I am currently using with my P3.0C, and am in need of a little advice. Basically, here is a list of questions... Should I length the tubing that is being used so the system can hold more water? When I get another radiator, should it be hooked up in series or parallel to the old one? And why? Is lower water pressure better in the radiators? Or should I just invest in a single mac-daddy radiator? Besides easing my headaches with air bubbles, what would a resivoir do for me? Swiftech kits do not have one, and thier docs say one is not needed. Thanks... just some pressing issues..
  5. KraZy

    H2o Help.

    Ya... 59c load. I have heard that P4's are comparable to toaster ovens... Hrmph. Here is a pic of the layout. (excuse the cable mess, but this -is- a work in progress.) The fan is behind the radiator, and i have tried different directions of air flow through it. It doesnt make any differance.
  6. KraZy

    Homemade Cooling..?

    I had great results with a cooling duct. On one of my older windows, I did cut a duct out above the CPU and attached a 92mm to force air down to an 80mm that was on my hsk. A good 10c drop on that one. Of course it did sound like a tornado....
  7. KraZy

    H2o Help.

    Ok, here are the current stats running [email protected] If I change to 1/2ID tubing, wont it still bottle neck the flow @ the radiator and the block? Starting to look at a complete replacement for the Swiftech kit...
  8. KraZy


    Ok.. I have a little bit of fragmented info for you that might help.. I also run a MAX3. I dunno if it will help at all, but it is just FYI. 1. The BIOS will not set the FSB @ 220Mhz. Only 221 or 219. For some reason, when i set it at 220, it kicks it down to 219. <_< 2. When I remove my CPU and put it back in, the board will automatically reset to default clock speeds. (but no settings in the CMOS are actually changed.) To fix this I go into the bios, save the settings reboot, and all is good. 3. I have found that if the temps get to high, the board will reduce the performance of the CPU drastically. Now, I dont know whay this happens or how it happens, but it could be a bug with the thermal control (aka CPU power reduction) that is -supposed- to be enabled when the board goes into standby. 4. Great board ... *hitty BIOS code. There are some strange bugs that have cropped up with this board. Check out the abit site about some of the reports. I also noticed that when I went to my local elecronics store, there were a ton of 1st generation baords that were returned. (bios probs, i would imagine.)
  9. KraZy

    Fried Athlon 2200?

    I know the Athlons have a nice smell to them when they fry. I just fried my faithful 2400+ that served me quite well. Also, the scorch marks were a dead give away. TG my board survived the chaos. (And i fried it about the same way.. bad hsk placement... ) Btw, am I the only overclocker that finds it amusing when I pop my cpu?
  10. KraZy

    H2o Help.

    Aight.. I took a few hours last night cutting away any unneeded tubing. Also, I changed the stock fan to a SmartFan II running at 5k. Took the block apart and cleaned it. Changed the goop to AS5. That took about 5c away. BUT the SmartFan running full tilt is not exactly quiet. Time to add a radiator as-per suggestions!
  11. KraZy

    Cpu-z Marks To Brag About...

    naa.. not a photoshop job.. just a cool error like i said. I aint really got a reason to mess with something like that, ya know? The error isnt really that hard to generate. Start overclocking. Run CPU-Z. I have dual head system so I keep my monitering software over on my left monitor while I run SiSandra looping on both CPU tests on my right monitor. I cant really fit a full screen shot of this on post. This error probably ocurrs more often than we would like to think, it is just that i happned to see it. (btw, this post took more work than i usually like to do.. i am just too lazy to edit something in photoshop besides resizing the picture so i wouldnt flood out lower-res computers..) Oh, if you notice, shift the decimal one place to the left to get the true stats. (almost true stats, really.. due to the report error, +-100mhz on the numbers) Argh.. too much work to explain this.. i thought people on the 'net were supposed to be overly trusting...
  12. Ahh.. if only... This is a cool error that I came across during an overclocking session. For those new to overclocking, I thought I would post this as an example of some of the signs that your system is starting to fail. Just somethings too look for when testing the stability of a system anyway....
  13. KraZy

    Summer Heat

    Dont forget about the PSU fan. I have seen a few times that people completely discount its existance. Ya.. it sounds like total imbalance of airflow man. If there is too much air being exausted, it would make perfect sense that the bay cover would give you better air flow. It may look like c*ap, but hey, you should see how my rig looks now. (side open, radiator hanging out resing on a box beside my case... looking great, lemmie tell you. but hey, i am getting a 5c loss, so until i fix my air probs...)
  14. KraZy

    Burning In

    But. When you first assemble a system, components do need an inital 3 day burn in. It will help harden new components without the spikes in power that occur when the computer is turned on or off. It knocks the rust off the pipes, so to speak, and lengthens the life of the equipment. This is a practice that I learned at a young age, and honestly, I am not sure if it still applies with todays computers. Since I never turn my computers off, it really doesn't take that much work for me to do. I usually don't start overclocking until about a week after I get new equipment. Not only does the equipment have time to 'settle' but I also have time to learn the quirks of the hardware and what its stock limits are.
  15. Maybe someone can give me some input here.. I have been hearing for a while that getting the bus speed past the 1GHZ mark was fairly easy with P4's. For some reason, I cannot even crack 900 stable! Grrr. Currently @ 856.9 stable. The ABIT IC7-MAX3 seems to be a kick-butt board for OC'ing, but I cannot push its limits yet... Also, I gots mucho temp problems with my rig too. (which could be the underlying problem with the OC) Running MCW5000 /w AS3. (Tried using AS5 a few times, but the hastle of that goop is not worth it. Plus there is not that much of a temp loss with it anyway.. as a side bar, any one seen any good comparisons of AS3 and AS5??) I have the radiator in the front of the case taking in clean air, so that isn't the issue. (it looks like *rap cause there isn't much room in Coolermaster cases for a radiator.. maybe need to go Koolance..) Idle : 45.5 Load : 65 + (yipe!) I know the reviews of the Swiftech kits were not that hot, but this is terrible! Do P4's normally run tosty? Do Swiftech kits suck that bad? Has anyone fried one that knows its (true) temp limits? Better yet, who else is OCing their P4 3.0 out there?
  16. KraZy

    Wacko Temps..?

    I don't know about the Volcano hsk, but I know that alot of the high performance hsks actually perform better with lower fan speeds. In my case, I was running a Swiftech MCX462+ and played around with the fan speeds a bit. The difference does not lie with the idle temps! With bulky heatsinks you actually need the air to be a bit more turbulent inside the hsk so that it has time to dissipate the heat from the blades of the hsk. Lower fan speeds will do this. You will only see the difference in temps with the idle/load temperature spred. In my case, at lower fan speeds the temperature @ idle was higher, but lower @ load. You have to take time and find the happy-meduim with your heat sink.
  17. KraZy

    Amd User Switching To The Dark Side?

    If I am not mistaken, the P4's are 'outpacing' the AMD 64's now because there is no software available to properly benchmark a 64bit processor yet. The only comparisons now are with the 64's running 32bit code. Wait till some streamlined 64bit code starts hiting the market. Comparing the processors now is really a lost cause... (Another reason to move to Linux maybe... I am sick of MS holding us by the *alls...)
  18. KraZy

    Accecptable Tempratures

    Stock cooling... get rid of the stock cooling. Remember also that your temps are really dependant on the room temperature, so keep an eye on your board temps as compared to your CPU temps. That will give you a -rough- idea about what your CPU temps should be at. When I first started to overclock, I was thrown off by this.
  19. KraZy

    P4 3.0 @ 1ghz Bus...

    Temps are about the same, I currently OC'ing @ stock voltage (1.488~1.504). Would you play with the voltages at temps like that? Didn't think so..
  20. KraZy

    9800 Pro

    If you are not looking for specific drivers, you might want to try out RadLinker. It is no longer in developent, but it still works for the 9800series.
  21. When I purchased my A7V8X, it autodetected my XP 2400 at 2ghz. Fine. And the BIOS was actually allowing me to OC at around 2.375-2.392ghz (really good.) Now the drawback to the awesome multiplyer, was the fact that it would not allow my system clock over 140mhz. That, in the long run is kind of a so-so trade off for the awesome speeds that I was getting, and I was actually making up the loss in memory bandwidth with the CPU power. And of course the FSB loss... (actually, SiSandra put the CPU a few clicks away from the XP 3k, but the memory bandwidth was staying in the stock ranges.) Now, since the bios update, it autodetects the CPU from between 700mhz to 1.1ghz (-gasp-) and it actually allows me to crank the clock up to 166mhz. Of course, I corrected the multiplyer, and it is running at a stable at 1.99993ghz, and adjusting core voltages no longer is a benefit to overclocking... For some reason, at this clock speed (166), 3dMark won't even init.. In order to get a bench from 3dMark now, I have to still drop the clock -down- into the 130's or 140's and increase the multilpyer up-to-par.... Anyone had similar experiances?
  22. Sorry to be blunt here, but 'loud'? That is more of a fan thing than a hsk problem. Besides, the MCX-462+ is a better investment anyway than the SLK-800 or 900. If you can get past the installation (like you said) you can get at least a 5c difference in the two. Honestly, though, there is not going to be that much differance other than appearence if you are not overclocking. Personally, I believe that Swiftech owns the reputation when it comes to hsks...... The only problems that I have heard about with the SLK series, is with the ASUS A7V8X, not the N8X. And that is with the cap problem that was mentioned before. But I don't have the personal experiance to comment..
  23. Hrm.... got [email protected] (51/200) on my webserver and seti (23 units) on my workhorse... My logos haven't shown up on OCC yet? What am I doing wrong here?
  24. Whoah here... I am running a 2400 /w air @ 2.41 stable... Just air cooling /w many hsks... Anybody else get better results? PLZ let me know...
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