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  1. ...or loot at ATi X1800. Btw it seems more resonable to buy 7800GT not 6800.
  2. TiM

    Dual Boot

    There is no potentialy problem in Dual BIOS. It's like normal BIOS + backup - all works fine!
  3. 700$ per CPU? You joking? Maybe you have bad supplier.
  4. I don't want to talk much. I just like Intel and will always stay with them (and companies that I support too)... I don't need no reasons, I just know the best!
  5. I found one else thing like Linksys produce - D-Link DI-704 Internet Gateway and Firewall with 4 Port Switch. But I still didn't found shop that will ship it to me less than for 40 USD, have it in stock and answered on my emails.
  6. I don't think that they will ship it to me...
  7. That's what I need!!! Where I can buy it? (Problem is that i'm livin' in Europe, Latvia, Riga) I can pay for shipping if it's ~30$. Maybe more. Please reply!
  8. Hello! I have one question. I want to change noisy AT case with my home NAT server in it. I think - where I can buy any tiny and noiseless thing (size like modems - but not criticaly) with 2 or more ethernet interfaces (UTP) that can provide NAT server system (whole network trought one IP to Internet)? Brand, model? Thanks.
  9. Maybe I need to change my RAM to ECC or put fan on mobos chipset heatsink? <_
  10. MSMessenger Uninstall from Windows XP www.ngweb.biz/downloads/remmsg.cgi Or just do following: You have to edit sysoc.inf (located in /WINDOWS/inf). Under [Components] you should see the following line: msmsgs=ocgen.dll,OcEntry,msmsgs.inf,hide,7. Take the word 'hide' out of the line, and it should look like this: msmsgs=ocgen.dll,OcEntry,msmsgs.inf,,7. Exit and save. Go to Add or Remove Programs, and click on Add/Remove Windows Components. There you should now be able to uncheck the MSN Messenger Service, and by clicking Next it will uninstall.
  11. I think 7+ is better - it got copper heatsink and 6000rpm's in place of 4800 at 9.
  12. Huh... It got one problem: in/out holes is too high placed. Best way - to place them in bottom of box, so with that place they have you can still have a water in there, but this water willn't be used.
  13. EasyTune 4, but it's work only with Gigabyte I think.
  14. I have tried just make my FSB up without voltage. But then 2 of 3 Internet Explorers crashed in 15 minutes. I have Intel boxed CPU cooler and only heatsink at mine nb chip. But I think my CPU temperature is low enough. In Intel Product Lists maximal recommended for my chip is 45'C and maximal - 75'C. Any ideas?
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