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  1. My motherboard can support up to ATA 100 and I am after a fast H/D without having to spend too much money . I have heard that thermal re-calibration can causes problems such as frame loss. I have also heard that there is such a thing as smart thermal re-calibration which only kicks in if the CPU is idle. Any recommendations? Regards TimCS
  2. I have figured this out now - it was all to do with the M/B support for different types of Althons 1ghz. It can only support althons with a ratio of 10 and a fsb of 200 I was installing a ratio of 7.5 and a fsb of 266 Doh!. Regards TimCS
  3. I need help getting my motherboard to give me the correct clocking settings. I have the latest Bios update installed but I am unsure of what the System bus fequency should be. Currently it is at 100mhz. Apparently this board controls the fequency of the CPU via the BIOS but there are no actual settings so this must be done automatically. Has any one use this board or in fact configured it with a Althon 1ghz? Regards TimCS
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