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  1. The Mormon religion is just a brainwash. A couple of my friends are mormon and everything in that religion is to have a lot of kids and teach them to be mormon. Thats why the religion is so popular in Utah (and is slowly taking hold of Colorado) They always talk about that hell is just horribly evil and you never want to go there and if your not mormon and you dont hit a lot of women you will go there. Total brain wash Enough of my rantings, I think if you wanna end your life you should have the right too.
  2. great music but he I hate that stupid show! He has sold out thats all there is too it
  3. I don't have one but all the fan on the back should always be on (that is its main cooling fan) Contact Enermax or where ever you got it and you should get a new one (unless im a dumbass and I have no idea what I am talking about)
  4. I have the cheap Logitech one, and it ROCKS! don't think that a $60 mouse will do more for ya, all ya need is a cheap on.
  5. anybody else find it funny that he has to hire black people to hang around with him to look cool (body guards) what a loser
  6. crap I think I should start a business like that, it is so easy! mabey I will just try to find somebody to work for <_<
  7. I am too, lol I even got a CC and 4 case fans off of that little thing.
  8. Ever since I bought my new Geforce TI4200 Graphics card my computer will just up and freeze for no reason. The weird part it has never done it while im playing a game But my best bet would be that it is my PSU. My graphics card requires a 350W psu and right now I have a 250W Generic (yes I know, I am going to get a new one) I am planning on getting a new one monday hopefully but I just want to be sure that I shouldn't get anything else while im at it.
  9. The commercials with support to stop smoking are ok with me...I support those in fact. But the ones that said that pot goes to support terrorism really pissed me off (you should know reasons, I won't go into detail) Our government is on its way to legalizing pot (it was on a Nevada amendment last election) and I think Canada did or is trying to. Because be honest, at your school EVERYBODY has tried pot, and a lot do it on a regular basis. to keep it illegal anymore is just pointless. Don't take this as promoting pot but it isn't as bad as they say it is for you, it does less to your body than ciggaretts do. And for some odd reason when ever it is easy to obtain you are less likely to use it as much. I just don't see any reason to keep it illegal anymore.
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