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  1. Knowing what all you guys know, I passed on buying it completely. So I guess that makes my answer a no. Makes me glad I bought a stable disposable board for half the price!
  2. Well I starting looking to upgrade from my amd 450 about when I joined this forum a few months ago. After asking around and starting a couple of n00b topic, I had a basic Idea of what I wanted, it was just a matter what setup I was going to pay for. I had didn't have the budget to do a highend upgrade and wanted to use most of the components I already had. After looking at all the specs and abilities of top of the line systems and reading a Bazillion reviews, I finally took a gamble and bought the ECS kS75A Pro. It had gotten alot of bad reviews, but came strongly recomended from Ronin becuase of its features and abilitly to use DDR and SDR ram. For my proccesor I got the Athlon Xp1800 t-bred. Processor Prices Creep up in increments that slowly led me overbudget so I went with the 1800 becuase it was at the best price at the time, and I can always upgrade later. Plus the Retail version was on sale and I was going to give the Retail HS and fan a chance. My current Cheepo 235w PSU wasn't going cut it either so I was going to get a Herloichi 350w, which is antecs manufacturer. But I ended up giving themaltakes silent purepower 360w a chance. Mostly because it was the same price and I guess thermaltake makes some good quite fans I Lucked out with my new video card and got a FREE one from work. It was just laying around and not bieng used, brand new. I my boss let me have it cuase he was too lazy to return it and he bought it six months earlier. GeForce 2(3?) 440MX 64mb-FREE! I had never bought Parts online before either so I to make things easier and to have the manufacturers warranty I got the retail versions. Everything was bought at New Egg, becuase they had good reviews, and I like the way they handle Shipping. So total= Ecs K7S5A Pro_______________56$+Free Shipping AMD Athlon XP w/HSF_________65$+Free Shipping 360W PSU__________________46$ Video Card__________________50$ (if i paid for it) My total at Newegg was 163$. I got all the stuff superfast and went to work right away to make sure nothing was Dead on Arrival. Within 2 hours I was playing Jedi Knight 2. I spent about 5 mins in the bios and about 30min in the device manager. This Mobo has had alot of complaints and supposed problems. I had no problem, and I doubt It was becuase of me. My 320mb of sdr ram works great with the board. My CMOS has never cleared itself, all my devices and 4 usb 2.0 ports work, and i played JK2 Two hours straight. All contradictory to the problems other people had with this board. So right now heres my system: old atx case old CD drive old CDRW drive old 100mb Zip Drive old 17gig WD HD 5400rpm old Soundblaster live value old 56k modem old SDR ram New DDR XP Mobo New PsU New XP1800 1.53ghz New 6mb video card Windows 98se Ive never have played a "high" end system, So I only have my old system to compare too, but I am very please with how this turned out. Its fast, Quiet, and extremely cost effective. I can play all the games I have so far and even get some good Render times in 3dsmax. Overall I would recomend this upgrade to anyone whos a cheap [email protected]$t4Rd, and wants a Nice, better than Intel, system. If anyones interested I can try to get some numbers up. Hope My 2 cents saves some people some time.
  3. I Spent 2 seconds and ordered some of the XP's, Just messin around and I got em on a monday and ordered friday. fast service for free stuff... ....too bad they sent the duron badges.....oh well, they were free right?
  4. The Ice cream was good, but I passed on the reformatting and just reinstalled windows. Hows that Rule work with your 3 hd's?
  5. I just upgraded to My computer to XP1800, ECS kS75A Pro, Geforce2 Mx 440. My first boot and several after were fine, With the exeption my boot up screen whining about some missing drivers for my soundcard, But everything still worked. Im using my old sound card from when i built it in 99', a sound blaster live value. So I reinstalled all the drivers for the soundcard and reboot and explorer crashes before windows can do anything, so I'm stuck looking at my wallpaper and thats it. I disabled the onboard sound in th BIOS and evrything else seems fine. I tried safe mode and explorer crashes right off in that too. And now I'm out of ideas, any help would be greatly appriciated. Runnin windows98 too.
  6. I Believe the correct term is - F'Ugly. ...I believe it got bad reviews too
  7. thnx i got it all figured out now.
  8. thanks guys, i went to buy the t-one and had this insane phobia that it would only work in europe or some whack shiz, i usually dont buy online.
  9. If thats what you have to do to get what you want right now, then I would go for it. You never know what else is coming up so I would buy all that stuff you want right now, before something else comes up.
  10. Well this is the PS I'm getting but NewEgg had to make things difficult and offer two version of the same model. The only difference I can see is an external switch on one of them, which I would prefer, But is that all?! Please help my dumb @$$. HEC-350LDT-T HEC-350LD Which one do I need?
  11. Well this is the PS I'm getting but NewEgg had to make things difficult and offer two version of the same model. The only difference I can see is an external switch on one of them, which I would prefer, But is that all?! Please help my dumb @$$. HEC-350LDT-T HEC-350LD Which one do I need?
  12. djb5k

    Psywar !

    thats catchy but I thought- Come to tha show LAN Juggalo; type hand in hand with tha dark carnival sounded pretty good. Of course you could modify any ICP song and it would sound pretty good
  13. I thought that statement was wierd too. Sadam owns Al jazeera, the only thing they speak out against is freedom
  14. read it Its nice to see some people showing some decent support. That network is just rogue press anyway. This just gives me a small amount of peace for when they showed executed americans and those POWs. I hate em. TH4NX H4X0R$! God Bless America...and Canada too...sometimes
  15. Looks good dude. A little to much black yellow and red for me, but I wont talk too much since I'm to embarassed to show my case.
  16. web1000 claims to support asp within in the next year. nothing said about php, but I think they might.
  17. I was with web1000 for a while, but It seemed to good to be true so I left. When you first setup your site it asked me what type of site it was and almost all the options were porn related. Now I'm at the total awsome, get a free acount if your as cool as me, Radium5.com. Their pay plans are the best too.
  18. djb5k

    Miss Me!?

    aww come on, those are minor details! I wont get those unless I'm mobilized though, which would suck.
  19. djb5k

    Miss Me!?

    Hell yeah they do! In my last unit I worked on Abrams, but in my current unit I work mostly on Paladins and FST-V's.
  20. What up Beeyotches! I just finished my two weeks for the year in the National Guard! Two full full weeks of playing with tanks, pistols and fully automatic grenade launchers! I just work on the crap, so not much firing went on this time. But I did drive a couple of tanks. I know your jealous...
  21. wElcome! Once you have honed your Jedi powers like a fine point on a ninja blade, and only then, you will be able to weild ...T3H P0W3R 0F 1337 5P34k!! Or your can just type with #'s instead of letters right now.
  22. iM not sure but i believe it is were you put the sensor not where it is in relation to your mouse. Try moving the sensor somewhere else further from your speakers. i dont have that mouse or know what im talking about...
  23. 35 canadian? whats the bfd?, thats like 5$ US, right? What a jokester...you'll hafta make a formal apology when you get your money tommorow.
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