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  1. Well reality, this sounds dumb but I know some gamers who have a kickass machine but no internet. what the heck are they to do call all the time?
  2. I'd like one if you don't mind. PM me the info.
  3. Okay so I have a modded version one xbox with evolution x on it. I have XBMC and I have a 200 GB hard drive. My plan is to mod another that would stay in my truck at all times. I have a Intec 7.2 " screen that i would leave on it for viewing whats being played. What all do I need to make this plan go? I want to hard wire it all in. So does anyone have any sites to do this?
  4. I think we have a great folding team. I was wondering how far we are from the next couple teams?
  5. Nice Job guys keep it up!
  6. I just got another 2500 wu. Rock on finish it in a day says me.
  7. Now friends, this young man may or may not be of the...Um well, what is your excuse for not knowing about this? I mean seriously where the hell have you been?
  8. I believe our french speaking friend is correct above me here. See the mind though not physical, does not exclude it's connection. Though it, the mind, is an expression of the experience of the body. What the body experiences the mind expresses.
  9. so how do you have Longhorn? I'm just curious.
  10. Finished my 2500 and now on a 400. It's seems to be cooking right along.
  11. recieved one yesterday at about 10 am. today at 9, with some random pause works in there yesterday, i'm at 1725. I hope to finish it today.
  12. Mine are 32C usually but if I have been running folding for a few days in a row it's about 35C. This Barton of mine runs really really cool.
  13. Regardless to all those who seem to think the world revolves around teenagers, here's a clue in... it doesn't. That's why there is the children question. I know it's a freakin suprise to most but those of us not in our teens do grab a cane and go surf the internet and are or have been for a very long time. I remember when there use to be just text pages. Seriously that is why the questions have the answers that have been supplied. So I hope that no teenager puts that they have a kid. That would not be the coolest thing to be raising a kid in high school.
  14. I want to whip Russia for no particular reason, but Alberta... grrr...
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