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  1. Thanx Puss. Is there anyway I can change my vote? If not, not biggie! While I'm posting.. How do I check out and possibly become a member of the Seti @ Home group? I got a PM from one of the Mods a while back, and when I clicked on the link about it, I got a forum error. Thanx, Bubba
  2. I picked Techno. How come there is no Urban/Hip-Hop choice? Techno, is really only popular in clubs around me, even the in bar I spin at it's not that popular. Just wondering, Bubba
  3. What's this program you all talk about keeping track of your CPU temp? Do you have to run a wire to your CPU to get the temp, or is it just on the computer? Where can I download it? Thanks, Bubba
  4. I got the IntelliMouse Explorer too. I think they're awsome. I have one on my old computer too, it's about three years old, still not a hiccup.. Cannot say that for the computer tho it took a crap. B)
  5. Oh, I forgot to ask... Can one of the Admins change my Login to Base Bubba. I always for get that you can have spaces in your name on these boards. Thank you much Added Feb 4 03 Guess no one remembes me
  6. Hi Guys, I just wanted to know if you people remember me. I registered back in December and introduced myself in this thread. Intro Thread I'm sorry that I haven't posted much, I was busy testing for my GED. I just wanted to let you guys know that I didn't forget about you people here @ OCC, and I will try and post more often. Dan
  7. Hi Guys, Does anyone know a good IP mask? Pref. Free. I don't like having the same IP address all the time. My ISP is supposed to change it every two weeks but they don't. IPCONFIG release, and renew doesn't work on the command line the number is the same. Thanx, bubba
  8. Hey Guys, I just don't get IRC. I don't know why I've visited many sites with information on them. I tried to connect to a server, and it wouldn't connect because I couldn't figure out the port number. I downloaded Trillan a while back and that's why I'm asking. Anyone have any tips, servers, port numbers? Thank you in advance. Dan PS. Thanx for the Trillan Tip it's great.
  9. Whats the stuff in the blue bottle? Never seen it before? You from the states?
  10. Wanted to add another picture I look like a real mean mofo, but I wouldn't hurt a fly
  11. My ugly mug is right on the side. But here a bigger picture for you guys to see my beautiful face. You want my body right? This was taking Christmas 2001 with my new wool hat on! I have a newer one I just have to scan it. I'll post it later.
  12. I get the point Everyone likes Trillian. I've used it in the past, maybe I'll download it again and see what new features it has. Bubba
  13. Thank you guys. I've already done that. Maybe a fresh install of XP will fix it, but I'm not going to format and go through the whole process again just for something stupid like that. I'm due to reformat in two months anyway, I'll do it then. I normally do a fresh install about every 6 months it's nice to get all the junk out.
  14. Hey Guyz, Thank you for the warm welcome. XpandaPuss I've been DJing for about 3 1/2 years. I enjoy it. I mostly spin at bars/clubs. Right now I only supply the music, and use house equipment. I'm working on getting my own but for now I work cheap because I'm young and it gives my chance to gain experience. Any DJ knows that you can have the best equipment in the world, and selection of music but completely stink, experience is was makes the DJ I don't know if I"m going to get in trouble for this but I'll try it and see if I get moderated. You should really sign up over @ DJ Chat you will meet some really good people and learn lots of information. Let me know if you do, please. Ronin I've never heard of DJ Dijion Sorry. Is your name from the movie Ronin? It was one of DeNiros lesser known movies but still a good one none the less! BTW is this a Vbulliten fourm? All the coding I use on other boards works here so I assume it is. How come I'm not getting e-mails notifications of repiles to threads I'm subscribed to? I'm not familar with the settings of the board yet. Thank you all again for the warm welcome. It's so nice to feel accepted. LOL
  15. I just downloaded and installed the new AIM and apperently it now intergrates itself with OE. Here is the problem OE freezes when AIM launches then.. I shut AIM and it opens itself twice. I've resorted to keeping the AIM install file on my desktop and uninstalling it every time I use OE which is rare, then I install it when I want to us AIM. This gets pretty annoying. Is it a registery entry? Thank you in advance.
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