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    Intel Core 2 Duo e6550 , Asus P5B Motherboard
    DDR2-667 Mhz2x512Mb Pqi,250 GB MAXTOR SATA II 3.0 Gb/s
    COOLER CPU ASUS V-NARDO, Monitor ASUS mm17 lcd
    ATI RADEION X550 extreme 512 MB etc
  1. i understand you now i have a brother who is pro in soldering can you find a manual how to work with VOLT mod and i will tell my brother to work for that!
  2. Please help only with tricks of bios in my country i cant buy this volt mods
  3. i want to oc more than 500 mhz memory so you want to say i must set more high voltage to get more OC ,who i cant get this voltage to graphic in bios of graphic or in bios of Mother Board
  4. i cant oc it to 920 mem because i say its a ddr2 memory graphic card i cant oc it max to 530 and i ask can i oc it more with any tricks with memory timings or something like that!
  5. Hello guys i buy a Gforce 8600gt its from inno3d the GPU MHZ is 540 memory 400(800)DDR2 and the Shaders 1100 Mhz,so i want to overlock it so much i oc the gpu to 700 mhz memory to 500(1000) and shaders to 1500 i cant OC more the memory than 1000 mhz because the screen on monitor goes black and i cant see nothing i speak with a friend and he say u must change the timings in bios to oc it more than 1000 mhz whaat u can help me its that true or not with respect betimi!
  6. Well thanks to all i think here is any OVERCLOCKER that can help me in everything to oc my graphic card but nobody help me thanks to all bye !
  7. x550 have memory 128 on board ddr en6200 have 256 onboard and its ddr2 have high frequencys than x550 have 3.0 shaders for that en6200 its more HIGH PERFORMANCE than x550!
  8. You are very dudes with graphic card's my x550 radeon its a 512tc/128 and this e6200 its a 512tc/256 the radeon x550 have 64 bit and this e6200 when work in pc with 1 gb memory its a 128 BIT i can oc it to 800 mhz mem and x550 when i oc to 600 all colors in monitor crashes EN6200TC512/256 NV44 its more faster than rv370 radeon !
  9. im sorry man but i think you are dude the x550 have 75 MILION tranzistor the 6200tc512/256 have 77 milion and the x550 have 2.0 shader versions the 6200tc have 3.0 and 6200 have more pipelines and more!
  10. dont ask for that because all know x550 have ddr memory and this 6200tc have ddr2 memeory i overclock this memory to 750 mhz but i cant get more than 65-70 fps and that problem is from big memory latencys i want to change it because when i change the memory latencys to x550 i get this 60-65 fps with only 600 mhz memory frequency do you know that!
  11. i have this graphic card i OC it with ati tool to 450/350 and the stock speeds are 400/270 i overclock it but i cant get much more fps than 65-70 and for that im angry because i cant play games i sell a ati x550 and i buy that because that graphic card have ddr2 memory how i can change the memory latencys to get more FPS with my NVIDIA GEFROCE 6200 PLEASE HELP ME !! Because my country is like a .*t i cant buy here a 8800 GT because the price its very expensive i want to OC IT !
  12. i run my e6550 with 2 GB apacher 800 mhz to 3.5 GHz 500x7=3500 diver its 1:1 500x2=1000 mhz ram
  13. what u want to say with a painn ??/
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