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  1. hi, does any body have any experience with the above mentioned mobo?. Im having trouble finding any credible reviews on it and would like to hear of others experiences be they good or bad.

    hey all

    wow, thanx 4 your input guys, very helpful, think i will scrap the 8800 ultra and downgrade it abit and should save a few bucks as well even though money isnt an issue, but i will stick with the amd cause i got it at a really good price on ebay and unfortunatly no return on it , o yeah and it is for gaming amongst other things ^_^ oh btw i will be posting more questions in the hardware forum was just stating my intentions 4 being here. wasnt expecting that kind of response and didnt realize it would cause an amd/intel mini war lol.

    hey all

    hi guys and gals, im on a quest to build a leet gaming pc and found your site through the razer page on your review on their sound card.(which was very helpful thx) im from australia and good help is hard to find here so ive been searching for an informative site so i dont get jibbed like i did with my first pc i got built which is just causing me headaches and frustraition :angry2: . I want to build this one myself and i reckon that the best way to do so for free is on sites like these and listening tp other ppls experiences plus your reviews are excellent :thumbs-up: . what i want is an : Asus m2 crosshair,amd athlon 64x2 6000*,crucial ballistix tracer LED 2x1gig 8500*,Zalman 600w PSU*,leadtek 8800 ultra w/c gpu,maxtor100 gig hdd*,LG dvd combo*,Barracuda AC1 sound card. the items with a (*) i already have and the others im still researching and deciding on which is why i hope this site can help me a little more with my decisions. ne ways take it easy yall, DOOMZIE.
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