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  1. the psu fan is spinning? is the cpu fan spinnin, and does it plug into the mobo or the power supply. either low power psu, or bad cpu. atleast thats my guess.
  2. eclipsera

    Are These Unsafe Temps?

    i would definately say no, they are pretty god, but yeah always try for a lower temp. my bro has a p4 2.46 and that thing gets up to 52C
  3. eclipsera

    What Is A Pll

    on cpufsb, what is a pll? and i tried setting the freq lower than it already is, just for fun, and it says this: "incorrect number of bytes read. should be 6 actual 18" any ideas?
  4. eclipsera

    Oc'ing Faq's I Bet

    hmm, well didnt you oc yours to 900mhz though?
  5. eclipsera

    Oc'ing Faq's I Bet

    ok well.. uh tellme this is just default setting for the program: i downloaded CPUFSB, rebooted after install, opened it up and i noticed my current FSB Mhz setting was 25 mhz?!?!?!?!?!?! what the world. is that just default for the program, or do the processors come stock with a low FSB set setting?
  6. eclipsera


    off subject of post, but while in ehre i wanted to ask: is there anything i should worry about whe using cpufsb? is there anything i can do terribly wrong with it?
  7. eclipsera

    Oc'ing Faq's I Bet

    alright, i have a soyo SY-7VDA board, wit a celeron 1.0ghz 100FSB. is there any way i can oc this, maybe to 1100 mhz? i could settle for that or maybe lower, i just want to venture into overclocking while im young. thanks, and second how much of a chance is there i will burn it up if i OC it to that level
  8. eclipsera

    Whose got nice PCs?

    it's puny, but hey.. Soyo Sy-7VDA board(yeah soyo..) P-celeron1.0ghz 512mb ram GF4 MX420 80gb hd 7200rpm norcent40x12x48 cd-rw drive.(stealthed) the new microsoft wireless intellimouse explorer 19" MAG monitor sound blaster audigy with altec lansing model 641 speakers
  9. eclipsera

    Cd-r Modding

    http://www.dennisjudd.com/AZZO%20Mod_2/mod_2.htm easiest thing in the world i think, heh almost. but yeah that link is a pretty good one. i did it with help from somewhere else but i cannot find that at the moment. and, btw: it's called "stealth"ing a cd-rom drive. or dvd, w/e. email me at [email protected] if you do it and take pics, send me the pics. and also email me if ya have questions
  10. eclipsera

    Removing Hsf

    ok i bought a volcano9 with "coolmod" and want to know how to get my heatsink off of my cpu. so i can put on the new one. i used the stuff that came on the old ehatsink when installing, how do i remove the heatsink, should i run Ud SETI, and 3dmark to ehat it up. then immediately shutoff and try that way? or simpler way?