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  1. Is cloning the other hard drive my only choice if i dont want to buy windows but i want to run windows? Do you think there will be any problems with windows if im running the 2 computers at the same time during windows updates?
  2. So my friend's HDD failed on his laptop and im trying to help him fix it. He has a Dell inspiron 6000 and so does my girlfriend. He bought a brand new seagate ultra ATA to replace the broken one. I was wondering to make my life easier since i dont not have access to a copy of XP, can I clone my girlfriends HDD and put it in my friends computer? Ive tried to put my friends HDD in an enclosure kit already but the computer doesnt even read it as a drive =(
  3. Dan4srt

    Warcraft 3 cdkey

    20 bucks for chest on amazon if u just want warcraft 3 its 12.99 =)
  4. The conficker virus is not an april fools joke this virus is real and extremely annoying.... It didnt hit me until since last week I tried everything to fix it. The virus not only controls ur computer and does not let you access anything that would even remotely remove the virus, it also opens a HUGE door to other major viruses like lsass.exe, reader_s.exe, etc. Not even doing a system reformat works. I am in the process of clearing my hard drive completely and reinstalling windows... What a Biotch
  5. Dan4srt

    Resident Evil 5

    I love RE i am stoked for the co op... Imma be honest... i have only play 3 and 4 but still i am pumped for this game and i know that it will come out well woot Zombies in 1080p!
  6. Perfect world is pretty fun thats what ive been playin
  7. Dan4srt


    Yea i mean it is an amazing game, The problem with these less popular games is that the admins are really bad. What I have found out is 2moons have plenty of issues with their users and the download client is corrupt. Many people have resorted to manually unpacking the files themselves only to find like I have a number of them do not work properly. Ive tried to talk to customer support using their talk to a customer assistant now feature, only to be directed to a robot that emails the conversation to a customer service person. 3 days no response still waiting.... I have a feeling I am going to be ignored like those times I email Expertzone.microsoft.com =(
  8. Dan4srt


    sadly enough i think another one bites the dust... *sigh* I cant even get this one to start up and I have tried almost everything... I even manually unpacked the stupid game Acclaim fail me =( this is a sad day for me haha. The people at customer service better get back to me soon. But i doubt it.
  9. Dan4srt

    Too Human Xbox 360

    Well I guess there will be tons of sequels and prequels of this game at this rate. Most games finish the questions that they start towards the end of the game and open new questions at the end. Not open questions that they dont finish and then open more questions. In my opinion the game isnt done and I havent beaten the game yet which is kinda sad. Oh and I thought it was kinda gay where Hel wasnt mentioned at all in the game until the end and then I just went to war with her... I was like uhhh.... what the heck kinda foreshadowing is that. And for the average joe I dont think he woulda been able to figure out that Hod shot and killed Baldur and not Loki. It kinda showed it as he killed both. If I didnt beat the game in like a week span i wouldnt have figured it myself...
  10. Dan4srt


    Wow is just awesome Just the pay to play thing is what gets me.... I deleted the game of both my computers and now i am just looking for something that I can play in between classes or at nights while I watch tv.
  11. Dan4srt


    As some of us know by now I am looking for something to fill the void in my life that used to be WOW. So far I have tried -Age of Conan (P2P and cant play on my laptop) -Back to Kal (Forgot how to play kept dying and losing all my exp) -Requiem (dont have shader 2.0 Graphics card on laptop) -L4D (fun... but I need something were i can level) -Ragnarok (ehhh.... just look at the website and you will see why) -MappleStory hacked (everyone hated me on that private server) -Perfect World (patches take YEARS to download and the quests are impossible to even understand) -Diablo 2 (cant find my darn CD key RAWR!) Nothing has really filled that void and I think imma keep trying. Cant Pay to Play to no Warhammer LOTR or AOC for me. Also I really cant play an MMO if its not on my laptop. I found a site that ranks MMOs and saw that 2moons is ranked high. Also this game is made by Acclaim well known company I remember them from my child hood and they never did me wrong. Does anyone have experience with this one... -_-
  12. A game with such an awesome idea and such a long time in development has never failed so bad. I beat the game and needed to vent a little please tell me I am wrong if I missed anything. If you love a game with unanswered questions this is the game for you. There is about 10 hours of story game play and 4 acts in the game. Which is great if you like a lot of useless battles that will make bored and will force you to play a different game that is more engaged with a story. If you are willing to stay through the hours and hours of game play, you will find an ending that doesn't quite finish the story and leaves so many unanswered questions that even if the game had another 10 hours it wouldn't finish the story. Not only does the game not answer the questions towards the beginning of the game, it also makes more questions that has NOTHING to do with Baldur (the main character). I mean it was a great ending but why did it take so many useless battles and over 100 deaths (I got an achievement for it) to beat the game. Ps I am a little sore that all the answers to the questions of one game was nanomachines Does anyone else have any experience with this game.
  13. Dan4srt

    Diablo II

    After uninstalling it and reinstalling it about a million times i read the fine print.... Only works with other median XL players.... Back to the drawing board.... and I still cant find my case only found my 2 LOD CD keys -_-
  14. Dan4srt

    Diablo II

    I got it going on Median XL char name NightxWolf
  15. Dan4srt

    Diablo II

    ight well imma try to play on a random cd key =( lol
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