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    mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD7-B3
    cpu: i5-2500k
    gpu: Dual 3gb GTX 580
    OCZ Vertex 3 120gb
    Corsair 8gb 1333mhz
    Cooler master pro gold 1000w
    Antec lanboy air case
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    Sony 55" led tv monitor

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  1. htaed

    witch headset?

    honestly i would like the open back to hear what other people are saying around me during the lan. that way i can hear them and whoever im talking to online.
  2. htaed

    witch headset?

    i understand there is no real 7.1 in a headset was just curious if you think the G4me one would put out just as good virtual surround as the 363d. i all ready have a decent set of sennheiser's and a blue snowball is what im using currently. looking for an easier all in 1 package to bring with to lans and what not. i will probably grab a sound card next paycheck if whatever i get doesn't sound decent with my on board. i do have creative 3di recon on board with a few different op-amp for it as well.(have the sniper g1 m5) just curious what you guys think is the best all in one head set sorry i understand the advantages of headphones and a separate mic but just not something i wanna deal with. if you couldn't tell it will be use primarily for gaming. thanks for all the suggestions so far.
  3. htaed

    witch headset?

    thanks, the 7.1 would be a really cool feature. just trying to see if i can get the same feel with just say razor surround on the ONE then the usb dongle they give you with the 363D. and save my self $50. i imagine its almost the same headset they are just selling u the dongle for the extra.
  4. htaed

    witch headset?

    but some help would be nice. instead of just a spelling lesson.
  5. htaed

    witch headset?

    lol yeah sorry saw that after i posted was in a bit of hurry my bad
  6. Im looking for a headset max $300. just a few ive been deciding between http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826106695 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA2WZ1ME3012&cm_re=363d-_-26-106-639-_-Product i have a decent build in audio card will the G4me be able to produce the same virtual 7.1 as the 363d with the right software? i feel that usb dongle is unnecessary. i do eventually plan on buying a sound card but going for a head set first. Also head phone and a separate mic are not an option as of now. I am a fan of sennheiser but if any one knows any better ideas for a headset let me know thanks.
  7. ok im not 100% sure where this post should go. im looking for some help with finding web hosting. i and a few friends are starting a podcast. and we are currently building a website. it seems nearly impossible to find good web hosting with byte-range support so i can have my podcasts streamed from my site and have unlimited storage and bandwidth so i don't half to worry about upgrading. im hoping to find an all in one deal hosting where i can store all my podcasts as well on the site. i was looking at bluehosting.com then i learned they're unlimited is not unlimited they will shut you down no refund if you go over so many files or so many user on your site at one etc.. im also looking into hostmonster.com i mean am i looking into this wrong? im looking for something around the area of $80 a year hopefully as all the funding is out of pocket at the moment. any help would be greatly appreciated. we have our first podcast recorded just needs editing and website to be done this weekend so id really like to get it all up and going soon.
  8. they did say in patch 1.1 witch should be soon they are making a lvl 50 only pvp group. the reason they said the have not yet was because there would not be enough people to actually make ques worth it. witch i totally agree so i don't understand why everyone is so upset about it.
  9. alright i just ordered the polk sub from amazon. should b here next week excited to get my speakers tomorrow tho. thanks again
  10. Comcast out here is not much better. I can almost gurentee that.
  11. Really even better than that beastly thing lol hmm i guess ill look into that then
  12. Ive got like a 5input mixer for my dj gear i could mostlikely rig up for a preamp i do down the line plan on getting a new audio card. But mic budget is probably around $80 id say max.
  13. well look what newegg just put on sale for $200 off tempting! would b $300
  14. im looking for a cheap yet good pod casting mic for around 5-6 people. 1 preferably can go 2. plan on starting up a gaming pod cast with a few friend we are in the process of making a website/ logo's etc.. but interested if anyone has ideas for a good mic. we don't have alot of money to toss into this yet so cheaper the better. thanks in advance.
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