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  1. I have a dual socket a board it all of a sudden started booting really slow and when it finally loaded the second processor haddn't been detected. when i took the second cpu out everything worked fine but i had no second cpu. Should i try the other cpu in th primary sockket to see if it works? im worried about screwing my comp totally if i mess up. thnx j5 out
  2. LOL, results are about what i expected people are so cruel oh well j5 out
  3. I think i might have toasted cpu. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to figure out if its fried. or how to check if the second cpu socket on my mobo is bad? thnx j5 out ps. hope i posted this in the right place. pps. there are no burn or scorch marks or apparent damage to the cpu. it worked fine for 6 months.
  4. I havent been on the forums in a long time just wanted to say hello, and say thanx to the people who wished me a happy birthday. nov 13th j5 out
  5. Boxer Briefs usually or none j5
  6. there wasn't any scorching or anything visibly wrong with the chip... I guess i wil have to RMA it. Unless there i somewhere i can get the chip tested. do any shops do that? j5
  7. I don't know what happened Last night every thing was cool. Tonight I came home and my comp would not boot and it was only reading one of the CPU's nothing I tryed worked I let it sit and it finally it booted into windows. my monitor settings were all . up and while i could still read temp and cpu speed on the second CPU it was not functioning. I reset and restarted and same problem. I removed the second CPU to examine it for damage and it is unmarred to the naked eye. the cpu was a new 1800+ MP with th 3 year warranty. I want to explore other option before i RMA it. 1. What else could cause this problem? would a windows update screw with my dual CPUs? i recently did several updates. i am totally at a loss. help, j5
  8. Jonny5

    Help Please

    I figured out what the problem was, ..so friggin stupid. This lamer software that came with my multimedia keyboard was interfereing with the game i disabled it and everything works fine now. urggg teach me t9o install stupid crap on my system. j5 out
  9. Jonny5

    Help Please

    I downloaded the new demos for tron 2.0 and X111 and i have been encountering a very wierd thing. when i run th game the screen goes black like th refresh rate and resolution are switching to the game setting like they do for every game. Then it jumps back to th desktop the game is running i just cant see it and if i use th task bar to try and click into the game it just repeats the cycle. Any one know what might cause this? i use window 2000 and it is pretty regularly updated. My system stats are in my sig. Can anyone give me any ideas about what the heck is going on with my box. thanks, j5 out ps. not sure if this was the right forum to post this in if not i guess linux or dbruts will move it pps. sometimes i can actually get the game screen to come up but the cursor is missing i have to navigate the menus using the force lol if i unplug my mouse and plug it back in a the normal cursor appears and i can use it but if i switch screens or enter the game it disappears again.btw usb microsoft optical mouse
  10. It's Official... GEEKS HAVE WAY TO MUCH FREE TIME!! Hella Cool Case j5 out
  11. My Favorite is a Belgian Beer called Corzendonk Abbey Brown Ale they also make a Pale ale and a X-Mas Brew They are really smooth and potent as hell. They average between 9.5% to 15% alcohol by volume. And the taste is so smooth that it can creep up on you. If you want to try it you can find it in the beer section at Whole Foods Or any really good liquer store.
  12. Since last november when my new computer system was arrived and was DOA, Couldnt install windows You can check that saga in the help forum Under " For the love of god and all that is holy!, HELP!!!!! j5 out
  13. Thanx, I Needed to vent my spleen a bit, it just irks me to see everyone just piling on. j5
  14. Camping doesn't bother me that much Sniping is part of the game and it takes a good amount of skill to be good at it. Camping the spawn point is a bit of Lamer move I'll give you that. Lately it is the elitists who bug me the most, The guys who give you crap for not racking up a 100+kills it is irritating. j5
  15. Seriously, if you read the article it is his parents suing the parents of the kids who posted the tape. Their reason for suing is the emotional damage the constant ridicule their son has recieved has inflicted. I mean jeeze how would you feel to be the butt of a joke that 10 million+ people are lauging at. It is one thing if you set out to make people laugh but to be embarrassed in front of 10 MILLION! Crap, I would commit Hari Kari if I was that kid. He completed highschool in a mental institution for christs sake !! all because of some stupid thing he did while he was alone for his own amusement that some a$$hat found and posted. I feel bad for the Kid I mean yea the thing is funny but at what cost. Like none of you has ever done something embarrasing which you wish you could change and while it was happening you wished you could just curl up and die. I swear Geeks in general are disappointing me, it seems like we turn and attack our own just like a pack of hyenas the moment someone goes down. Crap, we cant even be happy when something we have wanted our whole lives happens. Like the glut of comic book movies out, instead of happy geeks everywhere, you have people spewing bile and vitriol in all directions because some little thing didn't meet their approval....Makes me ashamed to be a geek. Face it, the kids that posted that movie are a-holes, if the star wars kid had posted it himself it would be another matter. But they did it intentionaly to ridicule the guy and that stinks on toast. Also there are copyright issues, they didn't have his permmission to post the tape for one. It is almost the same as what the person who posted the pam and tommy tape did. It sure as hell wasn't right. How would you feel if a private moment of yours was posted on the net by some one else? BTW: the kid is not mentally retarded he was institutionalized for emotion distress caused by this craped tape. Even if he was retarded, so what does that mean it is ok to take away his dignity because he has a deminished capacity? God, people on this forum make me sick sometimes. Cut the Star Wars kid a Break, so he is a geek and a dork, Big whoop...Who here is not! Or was in the past! j5 out
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