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    Prob with sblive 1024

    Thanks for the help - I'll try. My version of windows is Windows 98 4.10.1998 (1st edition). I'll try that ManFromMars
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    Prob with sblive 1024

    HiI turned my PC on one day and windows said.."detecting new hardware.. PCI card"; I hadn't put anything new in. I clicked cancel and looked in Device Manager - my SBLive! 1024 card had been replaced by "unknown PCI device". I tried re-installing the drivers for the SBLive! card - and but it didn't work. It has SBLive 1024 under sound controllers, but says the drivers are not working and to update them. So far I have tried: re-installing the card and drivers and card; a different PCI slot; installing the drivers first - but windows never recognises it as a sound card, just an unknown PCI device! I know the gardware isn't faulty because I dual-boot with Linux Mandrake and the sound is fine under Linux. Any ideas would be very much appreciated! Thanks, ManFromMars Watch out for flying ice-creams.