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  1. Had the pleasure of being a part of this site for a short time and the impact Ryan made was amazing. He was a special human. Glad to see the place still up and running.
  2. my deepest condolences to Ryan's family. you will be in our thoughts and hearts
  3. heres the two that came out on my crappy fuji for my sons's 3rd grade class... http://home.comcast.net/~dannyyyz/case_mod...IAL_ECLIPSE.jpg http://home.comcast.net/~dannyyyz/case_mod...ULL_ECLIPSE.jpg
  4. sorry you are having issues with the card, we reviewed the 7.1 here, but it was on XP MCE 2005. I also tested in XP (moving to Vista with the next review). I see that there has been no support for Vista, but if you go to Cmedia's website here, you can grab Vista drivers for the c-media chip to see if they are any better than the VIsta drivers. there are also some discussions on the c-media forums about VIsta support for the 8768 chipset here good luck.
  5. is it the 1950, or a different card?
  6. grab the latest 8.1 catalyst for your OS http://game.amd.com/us-en/drivers_catalyst.aspx then grab the 8.1 hotfix for AGP for your OS http://support.ati.com/ics/support/default...uestionID=31625 should fix the prob... good luck
  7. happening for me as well. noticed it yesterday when i hit for main forums page, went into profile to check my personal settings and they were correct. going back to the main forums page corrected it. popped on for the first time today, and it is an hour off again, but now posting this thread the time is correct.
  8. looks like could be fun to play with... http://vr-zone.com/articles/Phenom_8400_%2...790FX/5519.html
  9. looks good... when do review samples get sent to overclockersclub??
  10. nice looking rig there Greg. glad you liked the review. I had just about stripped one of the screws trying to take it off. Two smokes and almost a full cup of coffee later i had it removed without too much damage to the review piece. good quiet cooler for the money. now i hope you have worked on cleaning up that cabling... ^_^ Dan.
  11. yeah, it was fun being able to just adjust the multi. runs cool too.
  12. do you still have cool n quiet activated in teh bios? if so disable for overclocking.
  13. not too up on mac's myself, but i would venture a guess to share the drive between the i-mac and PC, the hdd would have to be split into at least two partitions. def go with the e-sata (it has USB 2.0 as well) since it is just as fast as internal sata.
  14. For a full time tuner, yes, there are tons better. As a portable usb tuner that can pick up HD signal, it rocks. I could see myself using it while communting 2 hrs on the bus when i was working in NYC to watch some TV, or sitting in teh airport on business trips. Just for that alone its worth it. reading is your freind...in the "ease of use" section in testing i state which programs/cards i have used to make that statement against. ATI MMC, Cyberlink PowerCinema, and beyond TV. total media was the easiest to setup and use out of the box. beyond tv IMHO is the best, but is a PITA to setup. The images were lossless screen caps at native reso, but i just looked at them now and they have been resized. i believe that the backend we use to upload pics auto resizes them.
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