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  1. why not water cool, if you do it correctly, all the stuff u mentionted that will happen WONT. And, you only need one fan on rad. plus you can remove all your system fans save for the mobo fan and gfx card. you can also overclock MUCH more
  2. it stops your computer, yet your processor still runs, so that wont work, will it?
  3. software doenst cool, hardware does
  4. supposed to be better than the Y`s
  5. (Edited by jodynicH at 1:44 pm on May 19, 2001)
  6. Come on, start making some rucus in here!
  7. I think they are out in Germany in a few months, I can find the german site with th info if you like?
  8. I think it is a good one, I want one to test out myself, anyways, you can go to www.hardocp.com and click on heatsink roundup and look at a few to get an idea of what you want.
  9. there are θΏ€ server boards from Tyan but thats for BIG companies
  10. Yep, the 1.33 AXIA is the God of all Processors, at stock speeds I wouldnt be surprised if it could beat a 1.7 P4
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