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  1. Hey all, Have a systems that I am looking at for a friend... It is Win 98 on an Intel P2 350 w/ Intel Se440bx mobo. 128 mb ram. The HD is SCSI as well as the Pioneer CD ROM and the Yamaha CDRW. I haven't worked much with SCSI... Win 98/bios recognise the HD fine and assigned it C: but it never seems to assign the Pioneer or the Yamaha drive letters. I have gone into the registry to try and force it to assign a letter but it never stays... Same thing when I try the "easy" way of going into Device Mgr and properties to assign it a Drive Letter... It looks assigned but it doesn't show up as a drive when I go into My COmputer. Maybe it helps.. but I noticed in the registry that drive letters are assigned to 2 zip drives that aren't always attached..? Uh.. any help would be GREATLY appreciated by me and my hair! Happy holidays all! rd PS. Oh, btw, if it wasn't clear .. I'm not sure if "not detected" is actually correct as it is "seen" in device manager but NOT in My Computer.
  2. Thanks VB for quick reply, will give it a boot and pray all goes well.. rd
  3. Hey all, Go ta TT Volcano 7+ and have seated in on the CPU. There is one yellow wire that goes to the mobo and then a pair of red and black wires which hook up to the fan speed controller which then plugs into a power plug. But off the connector fron teh red and black wire into the fan speed controler is another yellow wire with a brown head... where the heck does that plug into? TT's site says nothing about this wire. I'd read on newegg that couple of folks have acciendtally fired something by some confusion in wiring so I'm hesitant to boot up new system until I hear from a veteran out there Many thanks, rd
  4. Hey all, I just flashed the bios and everything went fine. I then removed the floppy as usual and then rebooted. Upon reboot the system hangs at Intel Boot Agent PRess Ctrl S to enter Setup. This system has an Adaptec SCSI controller. It is an Intel SE440BX. Have rebooted several times... but no go. hangs at same place Anyone have any suggestions? tks rd
  5. It's an Abit Se-6. Seems to lock up when I run an application.. thus far it's when I am running IE 6. I haven't loaded any other apps. Seems to run fine if I don't open any apps. And when IE is open it's intermittant. rd
  6. Hi Ronin, Yup flashed the mobo too. Is there another way to tell if it's a bad mobo or a bad cpu? I don't have another p3 mobo. Well I have an old Soyo but it only goes up to 500 mhz. rd
  7. Was given a p3 system that was consistently hanging according to previous owner. When I boot up the system it says p3 700 (7x100Mhz). Does this means it's been OC'd? I tried to look in the bios and when I bring everything down to defaults it says 300 mhz but when I try to boot to the 300 Mhz it gives me an error. In fact I can't seem to boot to anything but 700 Mhz (100 Mhz). After replacing power, ram, formatting hd and reinstalling win98, upgrading cpu hs and fan.... it still hangs just not as often. When I tried to install the mobo drivers it won't let me saying that it's not the right chipset... so now I'm wondering if this little homebuilt was a faked Intel P3... nevermind about the 700Mhz... So.. Does this sound like a p3 300 that's been oc'd to look like 700? Anyone have any ideas on what to try next? tks rd
  8. hi mongoose, thanks for the link. the only reason why i think so is that there is a link on alpha's site that gives a list of mb's that don't fit with the alpha. pretty cool actually. and the actual verbiage is not that it won't fit but that you **might** have cut a corner off or something like that... so i didnt really want to fool with ...uh cutting corners.. and was looking for feedback from other folks that may have suggestions. rd
  9. Have purchased a gigabyte 7vrxp mobo and am now in search of a heatsink and fan for a yet to be purchased AMD cpu. Was going to purchase an alpha pal8045 but read that it might not fit on this board. anyone have suggestions? i'd like to balance performance and noise. i don't want an f14 but i do want to have very good cooling... oh and it'd be nice if it didn't become obsolete too fast. tks much rd
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