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    XP-m 2500+/A64 3000+ Newcastle/ Sempy 3100 +Paris/Sempy 3100+ Paris/Sempy 3100+ Paris/X2 3800+ Manchester/x2 3800+ Windsor/6300 Allendale.

    *Single cores in temporary retirement due to electricity bills*
  1. vaio

    Greetings from Great White North

    Yup, if you need a new addiction Distributed Computing may fit the bill Welcome
  2. vaio

    Project worth trying out

    It is using an entirely different approach to Stanford. THIS THREAD goes into some detail of the differences. Note the posts by wenzel, a project dev.
  3. vaio

    Whats up with the points/members?

    Oh dear Hi rr
  4. Reboot,keep hitting that DEL key to hopefully get into bios...then try loading optimised defaults.
  5. vaio

    Project worth trying out

    Greetings It seems your main dc emphasis here is on [email protected] but I just want to point out another lil project some of you may find of interest. [email protected] A pretty new project but it shows promise. The work unit allocation seems plentiful (though currently a download limit of 7 units per core at a time). The project devs seem pretty quick to respond to any queries etc, and being a Boinc project it is an easy project to manage. Anyway, I hope some of you will give it a try. Just don't go passing my lil team too quickly
  6. vaio

    Gah its everywhere

    Or politicians
  7. vaio

    System build - low budget

    Got my Geil Ultra running at 466 in my DS3......only 2 x 512 sticks though. Dunno if that helps any.
  8. vaio

    Folding with ancient apple computer?

    I doubt the running costs (global warming and all) would justify their usage.
  9. vaio

    World Community Grid

    Greetings. Full install instructions, including service mode can be found HERE
  10. Have a look at what fan readings you are getting in bios.
  11. Nvidia raid. Only flash the bios if you actually need to .........."if it ain't broke.." A quick Google found- this may be useful
  12. vaio

    Better than artic silver?

    Only one way to find out is to try it. Of course one doesn't know if those that say it out-perfoms AS5 applied the AS5 correctly. Also, it's a one-shot deal..........can set up many rigs with a tube of Arctic Silver.
  13. vaio

    ESD Information

    I just regularly touch a bare metal part of the inside of the case whilst working, never had any problems with static to date. Just make sure you have all the stuff you need to hand before starting to avoid unnecessary static build up from carpets etc.
  14. vaio

    Warning Long 1 - 4 interactions

    I think you are tied to a particular server so you'll continue getting whatever that server issues I'm afraid. You could try a reinstall and hope to get attached to a server that's issuing different units.
  15. I dabble in most projects but Folding and Climate Prediction are my faves.........and WCG when they have cancer work. Don't want onboard graphics as it could restrict things and I can recycle an existing gpu.. Maybe one of the newer Gigabyte DS3's would suit........the older rev one I have works well with my Allendale. Not been keeping up with stuff since though and it doesn't take long to feel "out of the loop" re hardware.