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  1. lol not bloody likely....wait....hug you say.... lol
  2. Like I said up there I never read the rules.....lol....Mods were always getting mad at me....oh yeah and the editors...especially the editors lol
  3. Fixed it. Since when did no offers happen? Althought I haven;t been a reviewer for about 2 years nor did I ever care to read the rules so I gues it coulda been anytime...
  4. I am looking for (serious) offers on the fallowing: Sparkle GTX 480: 489 Sparkle GTX 465: 225 TRENDNET 450Mbps Gigbit Router: 129 Novint Falcon: 289 Thermaltake Armor A60: 89 NZXT Hale 90- 650W PSU:129 Apad = Eken M001: 89 SteelSeries Kinzu:40 X-Arcade Solo Joy Stick:89 Seagate GoFlex TV: 89 GoFlex Net: 99 Swiftech H20-320 Edge water cooling system: 319 SteelSeries 7H USB Headset: 129 PlaySeat Executive Race Seat: 429 CoolerMaster NotePal U3 Laptop Cooler: 45 Thermaltake Massive 23LX Laptop Cooler: 25 NZXT Sentry LXE: 59 I also have a few system builds, dual core AMD Builds, Quad core AMD builds and tons of other products I can think of off hand. If there is anything you need ask I might have it in stock.Look up the prices on these products I am not interested in extreme low ball prices if you want this stuff I have no problem giving deals out but don't bother PMing me if you are wanting to lowball
  5. I have not been back for a long time to occ but I am glad I caught this thread my condolences go out to the family. I will miss ryan, he was the first person I personally saw put a certain bird in his place . Very sad day...
  6. Here is the best tip ever...cut out the product paste it on a white background right click on the product layer go to blending options, drop shadow = 90 degrees distance set to around 10 and size to 40 ish it will make white products pop on a white background.
  7. I just wanted to share this with you guys this is the the testing section of a review I did. I know a lot of you guys are audiophile so I figured you would get a kick out of this amp it looks damn sexy on my desk. Output Power: 2 x 2.5 W ( 8Ω RMS) Frequency Response: 50Hz-40kHz THD:≤2%(1kHz) S/N Ratio: ≥80dB(A Weighted) Crosstalk Attenuation: ≥50dB Input Sensitivity: ≤220mV Overloading Level: ≥10V Input Impedance: 10kΩ Power Supply: 120V 60Hz 20W Net Weight: 1.8KG/pcs Dimension: 135mm
  8. True enough I forgot the internal sensors issues. Well retorted I am content. I will be getting one of these for testing next month from VC so if my results are the same I will just shut my mouth lol
  9. The temps may be right but every other review I have seen the stock cooler did worse. Anyways man not speaking bad of occ the reviews are almost always without fault I just like VC Tran at GELID Solutions he is an awesome guy don't want occ or GELID to get a bum wrap for a miscalculation....if indeed it was one for all I know the other 2 reviews I checked out could have been wrong.
  10. Every other review I have ever seen on this cooler did better then the stock cpu. Not to be a d*ck er anything but I think you should have ran the testing with the factory applied thermal paste you must have put too much on. Why would the former co founder of Arctic cooling (owner of GELID Solutions) bother making a cooler that does worse than a stock cooler?
  11. just try booting up the windows os disk and look at the un partitioned space it should show up in there (sorry if you have already tried this)
  12. a simple quick format and the deletion of the partitions should work
  13. Look up kibi bits and kilibits conversion on google and you will understand SOrry I should read the full thing before posting. Linux uses swap space for its os that is why you had missing space
  14. Hey frank did you use the noctua thermal paste for both coolers on this review? We just reviewed it on our site and it spanked arctic silver 5 and cool laboratory heat pad and liquid metal pro by several degrees. I was very impressed by that stuff.
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