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  1. Hi, Anyone using KR7A133R and 1800+XP ?? of course there is... I hope. I have and it runs way too hot, I use Arctic Silver 3 and have lapped my current HS but, its crap, So, anyone who has same board and chip, Which HSF are you using and why??, I wanna OverClock my Baby but she will fry with this HSF............. Views and links appreciated. Thanks -=IBENVIRO=- -= My Site =- -= [email protected] =-
  2. Hi all, I'm getting the 512k Cable package from NTL fitted tomorrow and just wondered if anyone has any experience of installing the Modems under XP Pro.??? System = KR7A133R / 1800+ XP / 512 DDr Pc2100 / GF3Ti200 / 2x40 GB Maxtor ata133
  3. PS, My specs: A-bit KR7A133R A-bit Siluro GF3Ti200 @210core / 480ram 1800XP 1533mhz @1610 (140*11.5) Chip locked 40gb Maxtor HDD @7200rpm / ata133 Liteon DVD Ricoh 12/10/24 CDR/RW Pine?? 6 channel Audio 3D MARK 2001 SCORE = 7600+ Thermaltake Ram heat spreaders, switched GF3Ti200 crappy fan for the one supplied with Thermaltake Active cooling kit, replaced GF3 heatsinks / CPU and all others with ARCTIC Silver 3, Silver rounded cables, 3x80 intake fans, 1x80 exhaust plus PSU (340w). TEMPS = If ROOM = 22oC
  4. Just to try and clarify things for you: FSB = Frequency between CPU and northbridge (the chip that handles all the important stuff) this is what the 100 or 133 stands for, CORE Voltage = the voltage supplied to the CPU and will be between 1.70 and 1.85 volts or there abouts, You only increase this to get stability at higher FSB settings or MULTIPLIER settings MULTIPLIER = The number by which the CPU Multiplys the FSB to know haw fast to run. eg: you set your current FSB is 100, your CPU MULTIPLIER is currently 7.0. So 100 x 7 (FSB x MULTIPLIER) = 700mhz Your current core voltage may be say 1.70 v, Now if you increase you FSB to 133, as suggested, your CPU will be running at 133 x 7 = 931mhz, and to do so may require more than 1.70 v power, thus when you boot, some kind of error will occur because something is under powered, then you would increase you CORE Voltage to 1.75 v and try again, if all is well fault will be cured and your system will kick ., Like mine. Hope this is fof help to you,
  5. FSB currently clocked from 133 to 140, @143 get app lock om 3d mark, @144 get BSOD after w2k login "PFN ERROR..." Any ideas on this appreciated. GF3 Ti200, 210 core / 480 ram , have kept same ratio core/ram, is this necessary?? I thought it made sense but, thats just me. Temps taken from on board thermo's, 3x80mm intake (2 front 1 side) 1x80mm exhaust + PSU exhaust. I think 2 hrs UT with max settings should be enough to test temps, Am i right? Sorry to bug with so many questions but i'm chuffed to bits with these results and need MORE, AARRGGHH!!
  6. Hi all, just got to the limit i think for OC my System til i unlock CPU. What do you think?? SPEC: 1800XP Locked to 11.5 multiplier @140mhz = 1610mhz Kr7a133R Mobo / 512mb DDR Pc2100 / A-bit Siluro GF3 Ti200 @210core/480ram .Also 40gb Maxtor 7200rpm @ata133. Temps 23/44 idle 24/49 load, two hours solid UT maxsettings. I want to unlock my CPU but wanted to see what it could do without unlocking first. 3D Mark 2001 score 7600+
  7. Just OC'd my System without unlocking. Kr7a133RMoBo / 512 DDR Pc2100 / [email protected]*11.5 / GF3Ti200 @210/480 / Chieftec Scorpio TX10 case 7600+ 3dmark 2001 Want to unlock but thought i'd see what it was capable of, This is using a-bit GF3 drivers as supplied as if i run DET drivers i get the error "windows encountered errors whilst working with file desk.cpl" ??Weird. Anyway, from what i have learnt from this (and other) forums on overclocking you can OC without unlocking, BUT you must be very careful and understand what u are doing.
  8. HELP!. Sorry, Just got a few queries regarding my new A-Bit Siluro GF3 Ti200 DVI, First up, If i install DET drivers (23.11) when i try to open the advanced display properties i get an error
  9. You could put wax or something similar over lettering??
  10. bass_freak: do you have any links to voltage info?? cheers
  11. Sorry 2 ADMIN 4 the **** in the last post, didn't realise it wa bad word.Appologies, ib_enviro.
  12. I don't give a #### about u'locking my proc, just learning to walk b4 i run, and fall, and get hurt in the wallet. IB
  13. So , by unlocking i can adjust the multiplier which will increase Clock speed but not affect rest of system(is this right??) or if i just increase Fsb i'll prob shag my sys(is this right??). Just want to be sure, realy appreciate ur help. thx.IB
  14. Cheers 4 reply, didn't think you could adjust multiplier til u'd u'locked Processor?.
  15. Just got above, Would like to know max settings that can be used without unlocking processor. Have no probs bout unlocking it but just wondered what can be done as supplied. Sys spec: a-bit kr7a133raid / amd 1800XP / Hercules prophet2mx64mb / 512mbpc2100DDR / Maxtor40gb ata133 on RAID / WD45gb ata100 / 6 ch pci audio ( Pine). all stuck in a Chieftec Scorpion Case, 3x80 intake, 1x80 outtake + PSU outtake. Thermaltake DDR Ram heatspreaders and GP Ram heatsinks, Coolermaster HCC001 CPU sink/fan(rated2.8ghz), All sinks mounted/removed andremounted with Arctic silver 3.Northbridge sinks/fans. sorry, got carried away. IB_ENVIRO
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