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  1. To be honest, I wouldn't worry about reviews of the different 8800GTS's. They all perform identically, unless you get an OC'd version. At that point you may as well just OC it yourself.


    You could always ask someone in North America to purchase the card for you, and then have them ship it out personally.

  2. watching the Sharks vs Flames game last night they were talking about how the night before it was -44F haha...Canucks are freaking TOUGH

    In the Yukon it's been -40C to -50C without wind chill for the last week. Visibility is about 100 feet and you'll get frostbite in under five minutes. The door knobs on the inside of houses are covered in hoarfrost, and we get ten people in the hospital a day because of broken down cars. Welcome to the Yukon. :)

  3. Just be aware that a gaming laptop won't really be a laptop. It's gonna be heavy, it's gonna be hot and your battery life is gonna last like a fat man at a triathlon. Also, when running on batteries the laptop takes a serious performance hit.


    My brother just purchased a gaming laptop. Running the 1.8Ghz C2D mobile variant, 2gigs and 8700m video card. The screen is a 17" 1680X1050. Hot, noisy, heavy and louder than my desktop. Granted my desktop is fairly quiet, but even still his lappy sounds like a mini hurricane under load.


    The 7950GTX was the most powerful mobile card until a couple months ago. Now the 8800m GTS and 8800m GTX hold that crown. The GTX TDP is 35W and I believe the 7950GTX is 45W, so you might want to look at the 8800 cards for performance and power consumption benefits. I'd say take the processor as low as possible as well. Anything to save on power man, I'm not kidding.


    I'd say go for 1680X1050. Even though it's a "gaming" laptop, the components don't necessarily match desktop variants as you'd expect. The 7950GTX is comparable to a 7950GT desktop card. The 8700m is comparable to a 8600GT.

  4. It looks like a secondary driver used for some kind of audio option on the card. If you want to use it you'll have to install the Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture if you haven't already. It might have installed with the drivers by default. If you want to see your video card driver then look under "Display adapters".


    I would suggest uninstalling the drivers you won't use. When you installed the Catalyst package did you have any options as to what you wanted installed? Best to trim down the installation to what you only need.

  5. cod4/crysis cant break a million copies sold, while consol games sell like 1 million, how the f** can that be

    Because the PC gaming market is tiny compared to the console market, and the margins continue to become lopsided. It's easy to understand though. A console is much more accessible to a larger audience compared to a gaming PC. Most high school/college kids just wanna drink some brew, smoke some fatties, and blow each other up on Xbox. Who can blame em' though? It's a good time!

  6. Mods are a great way to enhance many games. It's nice to see most new games offer the ability as well.


    Another good site to check out is TweakGuides. He does guides mainly for FPS games that detail ways to get the most out of your game. They are very in-depth and include .ini file tweaks and also links to popular mods. I always head over there before playing a new game. He also keeps the guides updated after every patch to the various games. Very cool. Here is the link to the STALKER guide: http://www.tweakguides.com/STALKER_1.html

  7. Hmm. I didn't really see anywhere in that article where Intel exec's were disappointed, just the toads on Wall Street. Oh well, I'm pretty happy with Intel, but then again, I'm not an investor in Intel.

    Haha, yep. The top dogs at Intel are thinking "Do your worst Wall Street. Hahahaha morons." While they enjoy their world class cognac and cigars.

  8. STALKER is great. I started playing it and got a few hours in, but decided to wait on a true next gen card to play it fully max at 60fps constant. I have an 8800GTS 640MB and I managed to get great clocks out of it, but I still get the occasional really low dip. It seems to happen inside more then outside, which is kind of odd. I'm playing at 1920X1200 but STALKER does scale well with higher resolutions anyways. No worries though because I'm still catching up on a lot of games I missed between 2000-2005.


    Half-Life 2. Yah, WOW. I didn't play the original and EP1 until a few months ago, and played EP2 soon as it came out. It's amazing how the Source engine has stood the test of time. The graphics are great but the best part is definitely the physics and "feel" of the game. Best game I have played since the Splinter Cell series on Xbox. My main multi-player game is Day of Defeat: Source.

  9. DVI, HDMI, VGA and component cables can all carry a 1080P signal. The quality between these four is often hardware dependent, rather than cable dependent. Some TV's receive a better signal through their component jacks, even though theoretically DVI and HDMI are better because they are digital. Also, some hardware components refuse to output or accept a 1080P signal on certain cables. For example, the Xbox 360 cannot output 1080P through its component cables, so you have to buy a separate VGA cable if you plan on using 1080P.


    BTW 1080P is a 16:9 resolution. Computer monitors use a 16:10 resolution. 22" monitors have a 1680X1050 resolution. If you plan on watching 1080P movies through your monitor then you'll have to scale down a bit. It would be hardly noticeable though.

  10. I wouldn't say they're all short. Lots of huge blockbuster titles mentioned in this thread that are plenty long. The titles that you chose to mention (COD4, Crysis) are multi-player games first and foremost. The episodic content for Half-Life 2 was meant to be released in short installments. Episode 1, 2 and 3 were meant to be seen kind of as a single game together. Put them together and you have a decently long game. We haven't even seen Episode 3 yet, but I imagine they are going to put out all stops for the finale.


    If you want my advice go and play some old school single player games. I just played Thief 2: Metal Age because I hadn't played it yet. It's like from the late 90's I believe. I had only played the original Thief back in 2002 or something but remembered how much I enjoyed it, so I went and played the second installment. Right now I am starting the Hitman series from the beginning. I had only played Hitman: Contracts (3) about a year after release and am now playing Hitman: Codenmame 47 (1). After that I plan on playing Hitman: Silent Assassin (2) and Hitman: Blood Money (4). Some other suggestions to you would be the Max Payne series, System Shock 2 and the Deus Ex series. Also remember all the expansions and mods for certain games. I still have to go play the expansions for Doom 3 because I've only played the original so far.


    I'm also playing the Witcher ATM which is a fantastic game. It's a fairly linear RTS game but I like it. I get lost in all the things to do in say a game like Oblivion. Witcher is done in chapters where you move to one zone, do all the quests, then move to the next zone. Great game so far.

  11. I have RAID0 on my P965-DS3 and had everything installed. Drivers, games, programs, you name it. Sometimes I'll leave my rig on overnight and during the day while I'm at work to download Torrents. I decided one night to save my OC profile and then switch everything to defaults in BIOS to run at stock clocks while downloading. When I did this though I forgot about my RAID setup and the motherboard broke the array. I tried turning it back to RAID in BIOS but only one drive was recognizable as a RAID drive! So the drive that the board tried to boot with became fubar'd somehow. It must change the signature on it somehow and makes it a non-RAID drive permanently. God that sucked.


    P.S. Does this happen with all boards?

  12. I dont know gigabyte just put a bad taste in my mouth when they said I had to go back to newegg for an rma, when they are the ones to warranty the board. But I see where you are comming for with the replacement time. I dont think im giving up on the board to easily when gigabyte said the the board was bad. I had an asus a8v deluxe that I had to replace two times for the same thing, it worked fine for a week or so and then it would not post. I wont by an asus for that reason, and I realy dont want to go throw that again. I had an abit NFs-7 socket a board that I loved! I was looking at the IP35 pro befor I got the ga-p35-ds3r. I seen that alot of guys here recommended this board and thats why I went with it over the abit.

    Almost every manufacturer of any product would have told you to go through the retailer if it is still covered under the retailers warranty. It's for the customer just as much as it's for the manufacturer and retailer. It's way easier and quicker for all three parties. They aren't trying to jip you or anything. :)


    At any rate, you can't go wrong with that Abit. You can pry my P965-DS3 from my cold, dead hands though. Until I sell it and buy a P35-DS3R. :tooth:

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