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  1. About to buy my new rig but am still on the fence about the CPU. Wanted to know if the 4200 will OC higher than the 3800 afterall it is clocked 200mhz faster. I know that OCing is not an exact science and that its quite possible I could get a 3800 that would OC higher than a 4200 but in general shouldnt the 4200 be able to OC higher? Its worth my extra few $ if it can. Also will I experience any bottleneck between the 7950 and 3800 or 4200? Will my CPU be able to keep up?

  2. I see.. went back to NCIX and noticed what I was looking at was "Express Coverage for LCD Monitors: Zero Dead Pixel Exchange Policy".. as follows:



    Express Coverage for LCD Monitors: Zero Dead Pixel Exchange Policy


    A potential problem when purchasing LCD monitors is the risk of receiving a product that has minor defects, such as dead pixels or stuck pixels. In such cases, most warranty policies are based on the manufacturer's policy for dead pixels, which usually considers up to 8 dead pixels a non-defective product.


    Express Coverage must be purchased at the time of purchase only.


    With NCIX.com's new Express Coverage for LCD monitors, we offer:


    * 30 day zero dead pixel exchange policy on most LCD monitors

    * Replacement dead pixel LCD monitors are replaced with NEW units straight from our extensive inventory (if the exact model is still available, limited to three (3) Express Coverage exchanges for each product purchase).

    * Cross shipping of a replacement LCD unit straight out of our extensive inventory -- AFTER getting authorization from us, simply purchase the authorized replacement product from us again, and we will credit your payment back when the RMA unit has been received. (Only if products are currently available.)

    * No pre-testing can be done on replacement units, and NEW units will be shipped. Please see terms & conditions for details.

    * Free ground shipping of RMA units to NCIX.com, and free shipping for replacement products back to you.

    * In-store customers will get immediate replacement with a NEW unit if stock is available in-store, with a limit of three (3) Express Coverage exchanges. We cannot pre-inspect or pre-test Express Coverage replacement units in-store.


    Goes on for awhile but those are the basics. Haha I love the Emo joke. I know I'll catch myself using that one more than once. Got anymore? :D

  3. Viewsonic VX2025WM 20IN LCD Monitor BLACK/SILVER Widescreen 1680X1050 8MS 800:1


    This is the monitor I will be buying with my new rig.. I've done lots of research and this monitor seems to be super kick butt (especially for games). Here is a review (they compare to four other monitors) and a good place to buy the monitor. NCIX offers a "Dead Pixel Guarantee" which means they will replace your monitor if you have any dead pixels when your monitor arrives. :)




  4. Hey there all this is my first post so if I am posting in the wrong area just let me know! Buying a new rig with the specs on my signature. I plan on asking lots of questions as I am a first time OC'er. To start off however I was wondering if I could get some advice on my specs. Basically I want to play most current and upcoming games on high settings and resolution and I am pretty sure my system checks out. Just wanted to make sure my system wont bottleneck anywhere. Decided to go for the 7950 as games are mostly GPU intensive. Had a few questions about the processor and ram. I noticed for an extra $40 I could get the 4200+ but would it be worth my money? Since its clocked at 200MHZ does that generally mean I could OC it 200MHZ higher than the 3800+? I know OC'ing capability varies from CPU to CPU and that possibly I could get a 3800 that would OC higher than a 4200 but in general terms would the 4200 not clock higher? I am currently going with the OCZ Plat but could I go with the gold and get the same performance? I plan on OC'ing my ram too. I guess in nature I am asking the same question about my ram as I did my processor. Overclocking both which OC's higher? I noticed the Plat has tighter timings but could I adjust to these timings on the gold? That's all I can think of for now. Any suggestions would be great. Great work with the site guys it was a deciding factor for buying my system with a DFI board and AMD CPU. Hope to hear from you soon and looking forward to chatting with you all in the near future! :)

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