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    Internet radio

    Use Winamp. Has a great built in feature for searching radio stations. You can list them by genre and order them by bitrate, users listening, name etc.
  2. Yukon Trooper

    FarCry 2 ..... not Crysis

    Yah I saw this awhile ago and it looks actually very good. The environments are very dynamic. I saw one video where they showed how the fire physics worked and reacted with the trees and grass. You can start very natural brush fires and such.
  3. Yukon Trooper

    Ultra-D & X2 3800+

    Yep very possible. Often chips will just hit a wall and not let you go any further regardless of voltage. My current C2D chip will do 3.0ghz on stock volts at 1.35v but to get to 3.2ghz I need 1.45v. I can't go any further regardless of how much I juice my chip. I keep it at 3.2ghz and 1.45v because it is perfectly safe and my temps are great. I wouldn't worry about going past 1.4v with your chip especially with the cooling you have. I was using only a Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro and had my chip at 1.425v-1.45v to get 2.7ghz stable. My temps were fine and I never had any problems. Give it 1.45v and see how high you can take it.
  4. Yukon Trooper

    can anybody reccomend a good incar navigation

    I've always had great success with a road map and the locals.
  5. Yukon Trooper

    Ultra-D & X2 3800+

    Ultima-90 should be keeping it nice and cool. Make sure to just put about half a rice sized bead in the middle of the chip. Let the pressure from the heatsink and heat from chip spread the paste thin and evenly.
  6. Yukon Trooper

    Ultra-D & X2 3800+

    Try putting your ram on one of the lower dividers to eliminate it from the overclocking process. You can find your CPU max this way, and since you already know your ram's max you can do the math afterwards to find your best overclock. Make sure to benchmark and test games (if that's what you do) to see what combo works best though. Max mhz is usually the best but it varies with application (games in my case).
  7. Yukon Trooper

    Week #10 news, notes, crap, suggestions or smack attack

    Thnx. Just noticed this thread now!
  8. Yukon Trooper

    OnBoard vs Card Audio

    Nothing to complain about considering it comes standard on most motherboards. It takes up CPU cycles as the processing is done via software. A sound card with a dedicated processing chip will offload work done on the processor and if you play games this is very welcome. The sound is also much better be it games or music. There is no denying that.
  9. Yukon Trooper

    Ultra-D & X2 3800+

    Had the exact same mobo and cpu combo until July. Had my +3800 up to 2.7. Let us know how it goes!
  10. Well the last year hasn't looked good for AMD and 2008 isn't looking much better either. The reviews are out and the general consensus is that clock per clock AMD's new offerings are still 10% slower than C2D. The samples in the reviews are not retail but really what does that matter? At the end of the day AMD's fastest quad offering is still slower than Intel's slowest. Yowsers. Where I've been keeping up and a list of reviews contained within thread: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=166184
  11. Very screwed. Especially with the way things are looking for AMD's new chips. Time to pony up your tech Nvidia and collect royalty.
  12. Yukon Trooper

    If you use FireFox

    Noscript, Adblock Plus and Fasterfox. I use Free Download Manager to manage my downloads over 5MB. Crazy download speeds. Also have the Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) skin which I find is better than the original and any other ones available. I don't like anything too fancy and this one is nice on the eyes. Nice tabs and rounded buttons. Kinda like Mac but better IMO.
  13. Good thing I won't ever go SLI. Hopefully for SLI lovers AMD will have the best 45nm processor. I'm sure Nvidia would get a fully compatible Penryn chipset out the door ASAP though. Too much money to lose.
  14. Yukon Trooper

    Web Cam advice

    Lots of options out there. I am not very familiar with webcams but I know you can get them for much cheaper and still maintain good quality. Here is the third best selling one on Newegg. The two before it are more expensive at $65 and $80. It has a nice price at $34 and good quality according to the reviews. Also seems to be one of the easiest to setup according to the reviews as well. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16826105033
  15. Yukon Trooper

    Early Week #8 smack, news & notes

    Wow... I don't know what to think. The Bacon only needed McNair to put up a high school performance to beat me for the week. Am I dreaming? Only in the best of situations could I have pulled this off and that's exactly what happened. I guess The Bacon didn't deserve to win anyways looking at the overall match up. Wow though, I thought I was down and out. I think it was set up.
  16. Yukon Trooper

    Early Week #8 smack, news & notes

    Haha don't jinx me. I still don't have high hopes but my heart is beating a bit faster. I'll have high hopes with two more interceptions/fumbles, no touchdowns, and only a quarter left.
  17. Yukon Trooper

    Early Week #8 smack, news & notes

    Yah tell me about it. Peterson put down 296 yards on 30 carries with three touchdowns. In one game he puts up a third of his total yards this year and in the process makes LT look like a little beeotch. C'mon LT make a case for all those stupid commercials you're in! BTW your welcome for Jones. I had a tough time deciding who to drop last week so I could put GB's kicker on my roster for Monday's game. I shouldn't have had to in the first place because even with Folk on a bye week I was suppose to dominate my match up. But nope I lost by one point AND Jones decides to finally show up the week I drop him. See how the stars are aligned against me? Was going to pick him up again but I wasn't in a rush and you beat me to it. Now hopefully that explosive game was a blip on the radar and he decides to stay cold like most of the year.
  18. Yukon Trooper

    Early Week #8 smack, news & notes

    Unbelievable. After a disappointing week 8 the football gods are against me again. Projected for over 100 points while The Bacon was projected for half of that. I had the go ahead in EVERY SINGLE category but tight end. What happens? The Broncos decide to get whooped by Detroit 44-7 and in the process the Lions put up 29 friggin' points on defense. Who has the Lions defense? Non other than The Bacon. How about my star back Tomlinson? Minnesota is ranked second best against the run but when the hell was the last time LT put up a measly 40 yards on the ground? The Vikings did play an excellent game but 40 yards? They could have put a guy in a wheelchair as running back and made more than 40 total rushing yards. Unless the Steelers banged up defense can hold McNair from making 4 fantasy points I'm hooped. Unbelievable.
  19. Yukon Trooper

    UPDATE 11/25 Grey Friday Buy for ExRoadie

    I bought the 360 add on about the beginning of the summer. HD DVD is incredible. I also have Planet Earth (what an epic documentary) and 300. No Transformers yet but I also have Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, King Kong (came with add on) and Relentless Enemies from National Geographic.
  20. Yukon Trooper

    Week #5: news, notes, & smack!

    [email protected]#@!&([email protected]#&([email protected]#&([email protected]&(@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Favored heavily over this weeks match up by probably 30+ points and I lose by one damn lousy point. Regardless of San Diego's domination LT put up zip for LT and go to WR Burress pulls in a single digit. What a week... At least San Diego has hit some kind of stride so hopefully I'm about to get medieval for the second half of the season.
  21. Yukon Trooper

    ddr500 redlines. thoughts?

    Plenty of ways to do it. You don't need to physically attach the fan to the sticks and it's not what I would do personally. Active cooling for ram doesn't require huge amounts of airflow so you can mount the fan anywhere as long as the air reaches the modules, especially if your using a large fan like a 120mm. Use some zip ties, string, elastics, double sided tape, double sided velcro etc. to mount the fan somewhere where it is pointed towards the memory. I would suggest on the inside of the case opposite the motherboard so you can cool both sticks equally. You could also mount the fan on your hard drive or DVD drive rack which would allow you to use zip ties, strings or elastics more creatively.
  22. Yukon Trooper

    ddr500 redlines. thoughts?

    These were about the fastest modules you could get. Sorry for talking in the past tense. Core2Duo guy.
  23. Yukon Trooper

    Use the Portal gun in regular Half-Life 2!

    HA! That is awesome! I actually just finished Half-Life 2 two nights ago. About to start Episode 1 and then go onto Episode 2. Definitely going to rock the portal gun after I've completed the series.
  24. Yukon Trooper

    Speaker System

    I think at your price the z5300e's will be the best bang for your buck. Unless of course you can find some 5500's used at a similar price.
  25. Yukon Trooper

    Corsair v. OCZ v. Mushkin

    Corsair 520 or 620 depending on your power requirements is where your money should be put. Best units out for the money at the moment.