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    Upgrade to Dual Core and 2GB of RAM

    C2D with 2 gigs of ram will outshine the Opteron system with 1 gig for the RTS genre. The Opteron would still be able to handle what you threw at it, but you would definitely see improvements in games that scale with the CPU. The C2D will also offer you greater headroom into the future. A graphics card is just as important, however, for newer RTS games. Supreme Commander is a good example of a game that requires CPU power for the multitude of calculations, and a GPU for the heavy geometry. A thorough GPU and CPU scaling test on Supreme Commander, done by Behardware: http://www.behardware.com/articles/660-1/s...-benchmark.html For most games, yes, but the RTS genre is a niche of games that scale well with CPU power. Artificial intelligence, unit mapping, and projectile movement is all done by CPU calculations.
  2. Yukon Trooper

    Upgrade to Dual Core and 2GB of RAM

    RTS games are different from most other games, in the sense that they crave a strong CPU. All the artificial intelligence and unit mapping is done via the processor, so I think upgrading your platform will not only show better increases period, but better increases for your dollar. As always, just an opinion. With Wolfdale and Yorkfield upon us, you should be able to pick up a used C2D and LG775 mobo on firesale.
  3. Yukon Trooper

    Yukon's For Sale Thread! OLD SCHOOL GAMES! Check it out!

    K cool. MS Office is gone from post, which is totally fine. Cheers guys!
  4. Yukon Trooper

    Yukon's For Sale Thread! OLD SCHOOL GAMES! Check it out!

    OK, that's cool. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong Rule #26? :confused:
  5. Yukon Trooper

    Yukon's For Sale Thread! OLD SCHOOL GAMES! Check it out!

    You want me to take the CD's out of the cases for the ones that can't be seen through the front?
  6. Yukon Trooper

    My GF cheated one me.......

    You live, you learn. You'll come to understanding about such things through experience more than anyone can ever tell you about them. Forget the relationship and move on. If you manage to forgive her once and it happens again, you'll feel like a sack of worthless poo. That's when it will really sting.
  7. Yukon Trooper

    Battlefield Heroes: free TF2 rip-off?

    Looks addictive. Like Worms addictive.
  8. Yukon Trooper

    Guess the song or movie game

    Who the heck are the Toadies?
  9. Yukon Trooper

    Guess the song or movie game

    Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast Song: Change is come Keep your dignity Take the high road Take it like a man
  10. Yukon Trooper

    Artic Cooling's 8800 cooler

    Looks like a great product. I love AC's ability to pack so much performance into a product at such a low price point. Had the AC Freezer 64 Pro for my S939 setup and am using the AC Freezer 7 Pro on my C2D rig.
  11. Yukon Trooper

    The Witcher

    I love this game. Doesn't garnish the attention it deserves, but I think that's because of the lack of advertisement in North America. I'm right in the middle of Part III in the uncensored version. BTW, they are releasing an enhanced version of the game, which looks very promising and jam packed with value. You can download it as an update if you already own the current version. Details: Link
  12. Yukon Trooper

    E2180 Hit Wall at 2.9Ghz

    I'm running my P965-DS3 at 450FSB and it can go higher. P35's take it a step further, so you should be up in the 500 range, depending if your chip can handle it or not and you have proper cooling. I've never seen a EP35-DSR3 though, only a P35-DS3R. Is that like on-board video/sound or something?
  13. Yukon Trooper

    Network Wizard Mandatory?

    Do I need to run Network Wizard on all the computers on my network, or can I just enable sharing in the folders I'd like and be done with it?
  14. Yukon Trooper

    Network Wizard Mandatory?

    Thnx guys. At first I was getting frustrated because nothing was working. I found out that Computer Browser in Services was disabling itself five minutes after boot. This happens if you're running SP2 and have Windows Firewall disabled. Had to contact MS for the hotfix and now all is good. Cheers Rado and Sharp.
  15. Yukon Trooper

    HD dvd player trouble

    You can still get it fixed by Toshiba, as they are still supporting their hardware even after they stop making new units and discs. Eventually I'll be selling my 360 add-on, after I watch 300 and Planet Earth about 500 more times.
  16. Yukon Trooper

    Should I watercool my 2x HD2900Pros?

    I think you should test temps first? Or just admit to yourself that you want to water cool for fun.
  17. Yukon Trooper

    overclocking 8800GTS 640

    Not really. The new G92 cores can clock like crazy.
  18. Yukon Trooper

    Sins of a Solar Empire

    Dude, we just broke our green drum. We've had Rock Band for two weeks.
  19. Yukon Trooper

    overclocking 8800GTS 640

    None at all. After all, it's my hardware and I'll treat it as I please. Those temps are only after 2+ hours of gaming, with high OC and 50% fan speed. I can increase fan speeds to 100% and get it down to low 80's, but I really don't like the noise. I also don't usually game 2+ hours, and if I do it's not much longer, so I don't give the card a chance to stay at 90C that long. I wouldn't keep these temperatures 24/7, but I don't mind reaching them the odd while. And in the end I'm not necessarily worried about lifespan because I upgrade often enough. If it fails I'll let you know.
  20. Yukon Trooper

    overclocking 8800GTS 640

    Push those clocks bob, those are super low. I'm at 625, 1447, 937 no problem. I also get up to 90C after 2+ hours of gaming. Nothing to worry about with your temps at all.
  21. You might be able to get more for your daughter on eBay.
  22. Yukon Trooper

    Would eat/drink food from cloned animals?

    Clone em', put em' on that conveyor belt, slaughter em', send their body parts to the supermarket so me and my friends can drink beer and eat BBQ. Amen!