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  1. All items sold! Goodbye DIY-Street, I will miss you! See all you members on the flip-side!
  2. Bump and price drop. $55 shipped for the board, $35 shipped for each hard drive, or $60 for both.
  3. Newegg probably just hasn't updated their naming scheme. One more thing. If you plan on using the optical out for surround sound you'll either A) Have to buy a special dongle that lets you use HDMI and optical out at the same time, or B) Remove the casing of the AV cable, so that both the AV cable and the HDMI cable will be able to fit into the rear of the 360. The optical out is on the back of the AV cable, and the AV cable casing is too large for it and the HDMI cable to be plugged in at the same time. The dongle I speak of has optical and stereo out, but it's slim enough to fit into the 360 while using HDMI at the same time. The Elite actually comes stock with one, but it's obviously not worth the extra money. I would suggest tearing open the housing on the stock AV cable, unless you're worried about cosmetics because you'll have the full AV cable hanging out the back end of the Xbox. If you're using HDMI on the 360 for audio and video then obviously none of this will be required. Not sure if you can pass audio through your projector or not. Cheers.
  4. Any console built after August 2007 is 65nm. HDMI was added around the same time, but I'm unsure if all HDMI 360's are 65nm.
  5. Grab the regular Pro version and you're good to go. The Arcade you don't want because it doesn't have a HD, but you don't want the Elite either because you're paying for a black case and hard drive space you likely won't use. The Pro used to be called the Premium until it received HDMI capability as a standard. All the new units are on 65nm.
  6. Bear Grylls is a weenie. Les Stroud out survives weenies. @Suedenim - You need to see Band of Brothers if you haven't already. High quality throughout. Story, screenplay, acting, footage, history etc. Masterpiece. 9.6/10 on IMDB and 90% on Rotten Tomatoes is a feat in its own right. Those are some critical reviewers.
  7. OK, so... First Drive: C: OS/Games/Apps E: Storage Second Drive: F: Pagefile G: My Documents/Temp Folders H: Storage What is the advantage of having the "My Documents" folder on a second drive? Same theory of having the second drive being able to read from the pagefile, while the first drive reads the apps/games? Someone also mentioned putting all my temp folders on the second drive, so I put it with the "My Documents" partition. Is this recommended for the same reason as above?
  8. Breaking my RAID array and going with two single drives. How should I set them up? I've read it's best to have the OS on one drive, and to have apps/games/pagefile on the other. I will store files on both drives, as they are 750GB drives. So my setup would look something like this: First Drive: C: OS E: Storage Second Drive: F: Pagefile G: Apps/Games H: Storage This would be the optimal setup, correct?
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