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  1. Ehem... Does anybody know the HTML Coding to place an image in the background of a bulletin on Myspace?? ...I could have sworn it was <body background="URL">. But it does not work. :[ When I do this, it appears as: .. So, uhh... what am I doing wrong? >_<
  2. Hmm. Are you sure? I know I had 9 before and now I have CS2 and they are different from eachother... Oo
  3. that's neat.. I started at 9 and went from 9 to CS2. So yehhh. I can't believe photoshop came in 5 floppy disks 12 years ago, that's just crazy. xD
  4. 0Ni

    Windows NetMeeting.

    Hmmm. I'll try that.. Thanks. ---0Ni---
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    My Work

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    Windows NetMeeting.

    Well, what netmeeting does is it allows you to connect your IP Address to a friends. You can control your friends computer 100% from your house. Like, the mouse, keyboard, windows, browser, aim, everything. As if their computer was right in front of you, except.. you're doing it with your computer. But you can see their desktop in like a window.. get it? Yeh. Are those programs like this? Teamspeak and Ventrillo?
  7. Oh, well I've only been using photoshop for a short time and when I started I kind of just rushed into things. I saw what great things you can create with photoshop and I thought "Omg I wanna do that ><" and so I just kinda skipped over all of the basics... So, I don't really know any of the basics... or what most of the tools do. <_< Like, I know what the magic wand, lassos, shapes, brushes and like.. the basic-basic tools do. But I don't really know any of the filters and stuff. Or adjustments. ... I'm so clueless. u_u ---0Ni---
  8. I can't make Windows NetMeeting work. I'm trying to connect with my boyfriend... neither one of us have a firewall and when we enter our IP addresses, and send the call it says "Waiting for a response from 8347827493" ... then it'll say, "This person you called is not able to accept NetMeeting calls". But it says the same thing for my boyfriend when he tries to call me, too! It's so frustrating. Help? ---0Ni---
  9. Hm. I have CS2. And being a girl has nothing to do with it. >_< Thanks! I'll just look over that website and take it from there.. If I still have trouble, you'll probably hear from me again. ^^; Thx again. ---0Ni---
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    I'm new.

    My name is 0Ni, I'm Xsikotic's wife. ;3 So, hi. ^,..,^ ~0Ni.
  11. Can anybody teach me the basics? Thanks for your help, in advance. ~0Ni.
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