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  1. My favourite time of the year. Thanks OCC and sponsors!
  2. I actually just downloaded The Witcher yesterday, after seeing the VGX trailer for The Witcher 3. It's a fantastic game. Lots of quests to be done and I feel that it has aged very well. Solid game worth playing.
  3. For what it's worth, MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition is an excellent freeware partition manager. It does not allow merging of partitions, but the work-around like the others mentioned would be to delete partition 2 and then extend partition 1 to the now empty partition 2. The software is also available in a bootable ISO. http://www.partitionwizard.com/free-partition-manager.html
  4. Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you OCC and sponsors for holding such an amazing giveaway!
  5. It depends on which version of WinZip they are using. Prior to v12, WinZip could not read 7z archives. Modern freeware archives support .7z as far as I know. http://www.winzip.com/whatsnew120.htm 7-Zip can also archive files under .zip, so you might choose that instead of .7z when sending files to others.
  6. Congrats al the winners. RobAP, you lucky git! Happy holidays all!
  7. I'm actually using Opera 10.5. It's actually wicked fast, faster than Chrome on my system. The only problem that it's really unstable, especially when flash comes into play (no wonder, it's a pre-alpha). I also prefer the feel of Opera. Doesn't Chrome still have some privacy issues?
  8. These drivers are working well with my 780G. Although I don't benchmark it or play any games, video playback on 1080p files are good.
  9. Wow, this poll just made me realize how little electronic devices I have lol Voted: DVD Player VCR
  10. My AMD X2 5000+ BE has a faulty sensor which gives some weird thermal readings as well. CoreTemp actually added a 21C offset to some AMD processors to compensate for the weird readings. I suggest you use HWMonitor or CoreTemp for temperature monitoring instead.
  11. Another vote for OCZ. I've had a very good experience with OCZ RMA, so if ever you have any problem with your power supply, you shouldn't need to worry. Also, Thermaltake is not very well seen amongst the silence enthusiastic crowd. I'm pretty sure the OCZ PSU will be quieter than the Thermaltake.
  12. My touchpad's problem was even worse although it's less related to the problem of your touchpad. It would start clicking on its own in Windows frantically. Only disabling it via Device Manager would fix the problem. In your case, I would suggest reinstalling the drivers to the touchpad. It's usually called Synaptics Touchpad Driver, and you can find it on the download section of your laptop's manufacturer page.
  13. Man these Steam deals for $5 games are seriously hurting my wallet lol. Definitely worth a buy.
  14. Dang, the case's design seriously limits the front intake fan's potential. Good review though!
  15. NCIX.com is one of the popular computer stores you can buy from. Price volatility's been pretty bad in Canada lately. Lowest E8600 is 326 for me For price comparison, I suggest Shopbot.ca Pricecanada.com Pricebat.ca
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