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  1. The way i read the 9800gtx+ from evga requires a minimum of a 450 Watt power supply. (Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 24 Amp Amps.) i have a 3 rail antec 550w says 17a per rail. does that mean i have a 51a power supply? or does that mean i have a 17a? the only power supplies i can find that are more that 20amps are all single rails.
  2. will the card perform just as good in my MB or would i get a noticeable better performance with a 2.0 x16 MB with hybrid power MB?
  3. I currently have a Asus M2n-SLi 570 MB, 4gb mem, amd X2 5000 black, with a 7800GT video card. Im wanting to upgrade my video card to a pci-e 2.0 card my question is will the hybrid power 2.0 video card work with my current motherboard? im going to upgrade MB and CPU just not right now. the video card im looking at is a 9800 GT Hybrid Power 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 . Just not sure if my MB supports the hybrid power and it doesnt say anything about pci-e 2.0 it just says x16. any info would be great!! Thanks
  4. i already own the 6800 and the 6600gt thats why i was going to use them.
  5. Yes the reason im going with a 6800 is because i have a agp slot in my older computer and most everything i find is pci-e. i did find some 7 series cards agp but they was selling for alot more. keep in mind the 6800 is not a 6800GT. its just a 6800 and the 6600gt is a GT version.
  6. Which card best a XFX 6600GT 128mb AGP or a PNY 6800 128mb AGP? I know these cards are old but there being used to play older direct x games. Which card performs better? i know a 6800GT is good but i was wondering if a 6800 would still be better than a 6600GT?
  7. i have 4 gb of ram with windows xp pro 32 bit and i know it only shows 3.5gb in windows but my question is will i have any problems running 4gb of ram even thought xp only suports 3? im running 4 1GB corsair ddr2 800 all same memory and dual channel. computer is used for gaming am2 5000+ cpu
  8. what heatsink do u recommend? found this mb for $88 got everything i need plus its sli http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ductCode=322343 prob go with it
  9. im stuck with motherboard now. all reviews i see this. "BEWARE of memory with 2.1V like the Corsair and OCZ gold 2gb memory pack. The motherboard would not boot up with this memory installed." any suggestions on a MB for the 5000+ black with corsair ddr2-800 2.1V ? looking at this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813131022
  10. the way i read the black edition can be overclocked to a 3.2GHz thats the same as the 6400+ i may get it and overclock to a 3.0 and be done with it?
  11. yes im getting a new mb cpu and ram. i currently have a evga 7800gt graphics card "pci-e" but i dont plan on upgrading it right yet due to the fact that i dont have the money to get what i really want. i will prob just go with the am2 5000+ retail since i dont plan on overclocking and since it comes with heatsink. im also open for suggestions on MB's to. dont really plan on running sli but id like to have ata and sata connections i may go ahead and fork out a little more on cpu and get something thats 3ghz. this looks like a pretty good deal. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819103773 2.6Ghz $100, 3.0Ghz $160 is it worth it or should i just get the black and good heatsink then later i can overclock it?
  12. what do you think of the 5000 black? way everyone talks its a good chip
  13. im looking to upgrade my current motherboard, cpu and ram. i have already ordered 2GB of ddr-2 800 corsair xms C4 memory but im stuck on cpu. im looking at the AM2 5000 or maybe the black edition. i dont really plan on overclocking it that much. any suggestions on which cpu to go with? i want to spend around 100 bucks give or take some for cpu. right now im running amd 64 3500+ 939. thanks for any advice. The system will be used for gaming.
  14. He thought he had 06 but he had 03 wasnt sure but i thought he had same version as me. we will see what scores look like now when he gets 06
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