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    Attempting to build Linux clusters, hacking up a Bi-directional parallel hub for a printer and data inputs


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    P4, Dual Lan, 160 Gb HD, 2 partitions, Windows Dual-Booting (kinda, sorta, not really) speratic BIOS issues, home made parallel port relay controler, Dual Moniters(New BIOS won't allow it)

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  1. Bionix, I have a problem like yours. Every now and then, the "Ready" light will start flashing and when it does, we lose our Internet connection. It happens randomly and is very annoying. I don;t have a cure, but if someone else, it would would be great. Routers can die slowly or like our Netgear, stop at any second and have all the lights on and make it look like it still works. Thanks.
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