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    Trying to learn to manage servers and the software that empowers them.

    Building a WISP in our area utilizing tri-band backhauling and AP ability, building towers and hanging radio gear from the tower then turning up the radios to see it all work from a hill-top 15 miles away!


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  1. Hello group... I have a situation here I'm sure I have an HP Mini 1000 NetBook running Windows XP SP3; There is no system disc to be located unfortunately lost after move; The OS did NOT have system restore enabled; The OS boots to the desktop and fails to display the Desktop Icons but shows the Background then the system reboots. Has anyone got any potential ways around this situation? Thanking you in advance for your help and time Best Regards
  2. Wow! Thank you all for the great input... I am not at the NOC for the front part of today as I have to go and install a couple new wireless clients. However once I return to the NOC I will send the listening ports and other info you all requested last night. Once again thank you all for the rush of support and input :thumbs-up: Everyone have a killer day, it's 75 here in Anza California and I will enjoy the great outdoors. Best Regards
  3. Thanks for the reply PyRo_MaNiAc... OK WireShark, one issue, this being a NIX box I do not have a desktop installed and run solely VIA CLI; will WireShark accomodate CLI monitoring? I have closed all ports other than the ones I utilize, the highest one is 54k which I use for SSH access. I personally am running no mass mailing and prohibit my clients from doing such alike. When I run 'netstat -tap' I only see my networks accessing services, anyone out of the network get's firewalled out permanently. My data line is provided by Verizon Business, and beleive me if I violate the AUP they Dave-slap me rapidly VIA E-Mail. No relay on this or any of my NIX boxes. I use PostFix as an MTA and it is my strongest dislike to even think of running an open relay. I'll await your reply PyRo_MaNiAc. Best Regards
  4. Hi xPETEZx, thanks for the reply... Sorry I did not clarify, the server is NIX Ubuntu. On my other Ubuntu box I can simply install a new NIC card and it is seen. With respect to seeing crazy activity when the SMTP server is connected: Hard to tell as my network is always in a phsycotic state as my WiFI clients are always active to one degree or another. To give you and example: the AdTran CSU LED's and for that fact the public switch LED's are generally always in a state of full tilt boogie, and at peak customer usage time the LED's on the AdTran and public switch will remain solid. Thank you for the input, I am very much thankful and looking forward to locate the cause of this issue. Best Regards
  5. Thanks for the reply Nerm... Yes I have already tried different patch cables, different port, and have even replaced one switch with another, but the same event ocurrs at weird random times. Could you make any suggestions of packet monitors. Why would this begin to happen out of the blue? This issue just surfaced in the last 3 months give/take... The worst thing is that I have no wiggle room with this circuit as I do have business clients which I connect VIA 802.11 900Mhz AP to 900Mhz CPE's. One of the clients runs a back-ground screening company and the second this event ocurrs my phone rings from this one client as he has 2-3 applications online from 4AM PST to 7PM PST and they are very sensitive to continuity in connnectivity. Have a great day Best Regards
  6. Hello Group... I have an issue with my SMTP server that is truly frustrating :angry2: A little about the network topography: I have a T1 coming into the office, the CSU for this T1 is an AdTran 3200 Netvanta. The LAN side of the AdTran is connected to a switch. This switch shares connectivity to the world for: 1 WWW Server, 1 SMTP Server, 1 WiFI Client Controller. At random times the connectivity just DROPS permanently until I disconnect the SMTP server from the switch and then all is good for all other connected devices. At first I didn't think much of this, kind of chalked it up to a one-off quirk After the first time this ocurred I just ran 'shutdown -y -i0 -g0' then re-booted the server all together and re-connected the SMTP server to the switch and all seemed fine. The next event courred again within 30 days, then the event JUST ocurred again this Monday so I ran the shutdown command again rebooting the server re-connected it to the world and all seemd fine again??? NOW, 2 days later the SMTP server is doing the same thing AGAIN! SO I just unlpugged the CAT5 cable and here I am submitting this question to the group. Another thing I notice is a slight performance drag on all Internet connectivity/performance when the SMTP server IS connected to the switch. Has anyone experienced such an issue or maybe does anyone have any suggestions? The NIC is on-board, I have tried inserting a 4-port NIC into a PCI slot and access BIOS disabling the on-board NIC. But after boot the system does not see the 4-port NIC??? I have also tried the above with a single port NIC and get the same results... I would really appreciate someones input as to what I could try to circumvent this issue possibly. Thanking you in advance for your help with this matter. Best Regards
  7. That what I was defining, however, I see after looking over the interface I failed to notice that the other interfaces were from the primary OnBoard NIC which hosts another 20 IP's for web-sites (eth0:1, eth0:2, eth0:3, etc;)... No matter what the settings I cannot see the 4 Port NIC at all. This to some degree explains why I am only able to ping eth0 & eth1's IP's while interfaced into the Onboard NIC and can't ping anything when interfaced into the 4 Port NIC.. Why would I be unable to see the 4 Port NIC at all in this case? Thanks for your time Best Regards
  8. Thanks for the reply.... I edited interfaces in /etc/network which only had eth0 and wound up with eth1 in addition then ran /etc/init.d/networking restart. Next I edited /etc/shorewall/interfaces and added eth1 then ran shorewall restart The output of ifconfig returns eth0 & eth1 values, however when I access the 4 port NIC at the eth0 Ethernet port the designated address is un-pingable. I made sure and connected to all 4 of the ports on the 4 port NIC and none of them return a ping from eth0's IP. But at the onboard NIC I can ping both eth0 & eth1's IP's. Weird stuff, have you got any ideas? Have a great night Best Regards
  9. Try this site http://howtoforge.com/howtos/linux/ubuntu
  10. Hello group... OS: Ubuntu 7.10 Firewall: Shorewall / IPTables I have a T1 coming into my office which I thought was having troubles last night- turns up rather that the on-board NIC on one of my SMTP server's mother board causes connection to the outside world for all other appliances connected into a main switch to fail. When I disconnect the Ethernet cable of the SMTP server connectivity to the outside world is restored to all other connected devices. I have tried a several new Ethernet cables- no difference though. SO I have opted to install a 4 port NIC card into a PCI based slot on the motherboard. At boot I accessed the motherboard's BIOS and disable Onboard LAN Function. The problem with this is that after boot the system can't see eth0, eth1, eth2, eth3. Only if I leave Onboard LAN Function enabled will I see the 4 port card and the onboard NIC alike. Am I missing something here? Your help would be appreciated greatly. Best Regards
  11. Well that's what I was afraid of, hmm now to begin the quest of looking for someone with a copy of XP. Thank you all for your replies and info. Have a great day. Best Regard
  12. Hello group I just recently smoked a PC which had a ASUS motherboard but a different series from what I bought to replace it with... Anyhow- the new ASUS is a P5KPL-CM which is running V0517 BIOS. When the OS begins to boot you only see the XP flash screen for a second or so maybe then BSOD flashes equally as fast then the system attempts booting all over again. I don't have the original XP disc for this machine and I also don't have a XP recovery disc. If I were slave to XP drive in another machine and boot up then access the XP drive in Windows Explorer and delete all the driver files from within '/system32/drivers' folder then reconnect the XP drive to the new ASUS board and boot wouldn't XP load new drivers to get the OS up and running so I could then install the ASUS drivers from CD? I would greatly appreciate any input anyone could provide me so I can get this box back up. Thanking you in advance for your help and time. Best Regards
  13. Hey Mark I have a question that is completely off topic here... In this same server it's stability is being impacted when for some reason the server will write a series of old IP addresses into 'hostname.int_if_1' which brings down Internet connectivity for all. How would I apply new permissions upon this file so the server could not write to it without my first changing this permission but the server still needs to read the file? Also for safety sake, what is the command to determine the current permission settings so I can make a record of it when I must change it's permission again? Thank you Mark Regards
  14. Hi Mark No I haven't proceeded yet as I feel the AllowUsers will need some config also? Let me know how you would opt to proceed in this case Mark <@:-) Regards
  15. Hi Mark That was just an IPS message from someone else trying to gain root access. NO, I do not want to log in as root as that is not safe.
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