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  1. :thumbs-up: Sorted - So simple I could kill myself for missing it. Looks like the volume controls are automatically greyed out and you just use the Realtek audio manager to do any adjustments. The simple answer is that you must have a jack in the green input as this is the jack windows audio comes from duh! Feel so stupid now I only have a 5.1 surround with jacks Front, Rear and Sub so just plugged them into brown black and grey, anyway may help others who might not try the other outputs eh! Many thanks to all who helped.
  2. Yes but with no change. Its got me really stumped. Is it a realtek or xp problem?
  3. No not that. Put in another hard drive to do a clean install on (didn't want to format then re-install everything again) and get same problem with just xp no other programs installed. Do you think because I'm using 32bit xp with a 64 bit cpu would make any difference? Starting to guess at everything now
  4. Ok never had problems with sound on any PC I've built untill I come across realtek hd audio. The problem is that I have sound from CD, audio files, media files etc but no system sounds or sound from the web. In control panel - sounds and audio device properties everything is listed correctly but, Subwoofer/centre/side controls are greyed out not allowing any adjustment. Cannot even hear sound when trying to play in program event sounds within control panel. So in short it seems to be instlled correctly but only half working! Running GA-P35-DS3R, INTEL E6600, ATI X1800, 2GB Super Latent pc6400 XP PRO 32 BIT (up to date) and running latest 1.71 (5.100.05443) realtek drivers. Any ideas anyone its got me stumped?
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