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  1. This rig would not be used for gaming but would be for video editing so a reasonably good card would be fine. I would say up to $150 for a card would do.
  2. Well then if I went with the original recommendation and AMD, what would you recommend for a decent video card to use with it then?
  3. First off, Thank You for the reply and recommendations. I see you went with AMD. I have always been an Intel user but I know that there are many out there who like AMD (although your signature says you have Intel). Could you speck this in an Intel format for me please? I would appreciate it. I also have a couple of GTS-450 video cards here that I could use one for this now if necessary and then get a better card later on. The storage thing is just that the user will have all their work, data, research, etc, etc on this thing and they are starting up a home business on the internet. So yes I know that I will have to build a storage backup array at some point for them as well. Probably will stick an extra 1TB drive in the machine for now and then get a small hot swappable drive tower later on to do full backups and then off site storage of the drives at a later time. Thanks again for the help.
  4. I want to ask fellow overclockers about a recommendation for a friend. They have an older desktop machine with a celeron processor in it that is starting to fail. An of you fellow entrepreneurs have a recommendation on a good motherboard/processor/ram combination that will make a good workstation for replacing theirs? I am going to reuse the case and DVD burner and put in a new 850 watt power supply so I really only need to find the MB/CPU?Ram combination. I have a 1 TB hard drive for a new rig and will probably want to put in a SSD as well to make the thing a little snappier. I know that it will need to be a machine capable of video editing, word processing, and pretty much storage of data for the most part. They have a business from home that it is used for along with their laptop and iPad. Hence the reason for a new rig to be able to do video editing and spreadsheets along with storage. They don't play games at all so that is not important in the build. I am hoping to put something together that will hold up for a few years into the future. I am going to build this for them but I have been out of the hardware field for a few years now and am way behind on what is out there. I did look at an ASUS 787 Express MB, i7-4770 cpu, and 16GB ram on NewEgg a bit ago but is that too much overkill? I want this to hold up for awhile if it can.
  5. A rescue that I had the privilege of knowing!
  6. Well looks like I won a new mouse! Cool Thank You Bosco and OCC!
  7. Thanks for the help all. Hey Trankop, you got a link to that laptop? Certainly seems like a good deal for her!
  8. Hey all, I have a lady friend who is interested in getting a new laptop for herself and since I have no idea on what she will need, I am hoping you will help me out on suggestions for her. She wants to go with a 14" or 15" display. She doesn't want to go 17" or bigger as she does not like lugging them around. Her mom has a 17" Acer that I bought her a year ago for Christmas and this lady thinks that it is too big for her. Needs to have good video capability as she will be doing video work on it (she is getting into web sales of products and needs to produce her videos for the sites). She leans towards an i7 although I don't see why an i5 wouldn't be powerful enough for her. She has hinted that she may think about going over to Apple if anyone can convince her that it would be worth it? I have always been a PC and intel person so no opinion on other things. I would think that 4GB ram would be good or more? She would like to stay around $1000 tops but can go more if worth the extra money for the power or increased video. No gaming on the rig at all. She will have Microsoft office and Photoshop on it as well as video editing software. So what do you folks think? TIA for any help you can offer. Bill
  9. I have been using UPS protection for probably longer than some of the folks on here have been alive - LOL.I have always set up systems for business as well as home with a UPS as I strongely believe in their benefits and the added safety of having one on things. I also use them for my telephone and Media Center.With the APC UPS that I use, they also have insurance for you as well. I have had them replace a couple of computers due to lightning stikes and a big screen TV. Didn't cost me a penny other than to buy the UPS in the first place and have it on!So ya, I would say that it is a very wise investment to make.Don't forget that there are many things that can go wrong with power other than just having it go off. Brownouts, surges, frequency droops, noise, lightning, etc.. Cheap way to protect your property overall.
  10. Yep I have seen the same thing on my Win 7 machine. Granted it is an old Nvidia 680i MB, Q6600, 4MB ram, and a GTS 450 Nvidia GPU.Turned out to be one of the security updates from Microsnot that sunk mine.I got my CPU back running okay but the GPU is a lost cause right now. Have not had time to tinker with it so just gave up and let my other computer which just sits and folds running for now. Less PPD but at least still folding away.
  11. Thanks. Yea she is a nice piece of hardware for sure. Only problem is when I go to a range to shoot. People come over to look and talk and I end up with very little time to shoot !! I've taken to going out to a deserted mining site more lately and shooting there. Plus it gives me a place that I can get some 300 to 400 yard shots without worry about what is behind or around. I like the long distance stuff personally. I would love to get my hands on one of the newer sniper specials that are out there and see what they do. Really tests your patience and desire for the shot at distance.
  12. Here are my two babies. Bought both of them right off the shelf. Funny because I bought the AR because my buddy had one and we liked to play war games with them (blanks of course) and the building that I was working in at the time had a gun shop in the front half of it that was run by an ex military person like myself. I used to go help him unpack stuff during my lunch or after work and we got to be good friends. We used to take new guns to a firing range that was just a few miles down the road and test them out. Well one day I went in and he was all excited and acting a little funny (well more than most of us ex military types can - LOL). So he goes into the back room and comes out with an HK. As soon as I picked it up I fell in love with it. So after about 20 minutes, he goes back into the back and brings out another HK and says "I thought that you might like one so I had two fo them shipped". Needless to say I took it home with me that day and still have it. My buddy was a little pissed when I showed up for war games a couple weeks later with it but oh well. Either one of these is a sweet piece of firepower to play with. Slap a 40 round mag in either one and you sure can rock and roll with the best of them. Only mod I have made to the HK was to add an ejection port buffer so that my brass doesn't get all prinned since I load my own ammo.
  13. I have owned an AR-15 as well as an HK-91 since 1980.Both are impressive and fun to shoot. I do have to give the HK the edge though being a 7.62 cal and is spot on with 300 to 400 yard shots and no scope. A very deadly and accurate piece of equipment to be certain.
  14. Well this will stir this pot up some. Tjj has vaild points on this problem and it is not only limited to electronics. Waco you say "You made more money because of it. There's nothing to be ashamed of there" which in and of itself is not a really bad thing but once you join the present day thought on things and drop all your ethics and morals and decide to just go ahead and screw everyone you can for an extra buck, then it gets pretty stupid. And once people realize that you are doing nothing more than lining your pockets and stop buying YOUR product, then I suppose you just go ahead and give up and close and sit back on your butt with your money and gloat? Look at the oil companies who artificially inflate the prices when the price of a barrel rises a penny a barrel but do you see them drop the prices back when it goes back down 2 cents? Nope. They cry that they are in trouble and just can't make anything at the current prices. Yet when the quarter finishes somehow they have managed to scrape by and report record profits - again? Look at Fannie May and Freddie Mack who just could not survive without a big bailout and of course now want another one. Then we get to see how they paid their top executives outrageous multi-million dollar bonuses (oh - but we still need the next bailout). Must be they increased the bonus payments to try and make us think that it will somehow make the execs work for a change and make a difference? My point is that it has gotten way out of hand with economics. I'm sorry but I can't really see why someone needs to be paid millions of dollars for a bonus when the company has failed? A lot of the overpricing is based on speculation and not on current indicators so it is pretty much vapor trading for prices at best. But then again how can you not expect it when out own government has set up their own funding and padded themselves right out of the picture from the rest of us thanks in no small part to the big businesses who lobby for all the fruitless legislation that only benefits their agenda. Hopefully people will open their eyes soon to things and stand up and make a difference. The absurd policies of this government and big business is outrageous, stupid, and totally uncalled for. We used to be a country of hard working, resourceful, and economicly thoughtful people till we were given all the programs which reward laziness and promote lack of thought or design for things that last. Things are now based on the few having the most rather than trying to make it better for all. Such a screwed up system that is only going to get worst thanks to the "talking turd" we have in the White House now who is nothing more than a puppet for the "economically elite" few that wish to have it all. Sad, so sad.
  15. Okay, I just better let this one go right on by! Better that I don't make any comment at all - LOL !!!
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