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    Games to buy.

    I bought the KOTOR on Steam for $10, so I've been playing that again, also: KOTOR 2 Star Trek Online Battle Field Bad Company 2 (PC) on pre-order Modern Warfare (PC) Modern Warfare 2 (PC) Null
  2. Thanks for the help with this, I'll be sure to pay it forward. Null
  3. I make about $35k and qualified for a $100K home loan, I have excellent credit but my credit history only goes back about 6 years. I guess since mine is a home loan it was easier to get. Such a short term loan sounds like its a lot harder to qualify for. If it's a car loan, and he's making $59k now, he should be able to get it.
  4. From others: 2 Pairs of Thermal pants (work in a cold warehouse, these are a Godsend) Pair of Jeans $50 cash A Mag loader for my 9mm Slippers From myself: A Beretta M92FS 9MM 3 Spare Mags Another Mag loader for the 9MM Blackhawk! SERPA Holster 2 Blackhawk! Mag Pouches 1000 rounds of 9MM ammo
  5. I've seen worse. Just make sure no wires are touching anything that's hot enough to melt them.
  6. 14.407 seconds on Q9550 @ 2.83GHz on Windows 7 64 Bit.
  7. I just purchased a Beretta M92... I'm not even thru the 10 day waiting period yet. I have it on lay-away, lol!
  8. IIxNullxII

    MW2 Friends

    Hey all, I'd like to start a network of OCC users that are in MW2. If you are, post your steam handle here for myself and others to join up! mine: iixnullxii =7Cav=PFC.Null
  9. I live in California and don't like In-n-out. When I want an awesome burger, the best is at Cowboy Burgers & BBQ in Ontario.
  10. If you're into the Bible at all, it says in Matthew 24:36 "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.
  11. Can you lean left and right?
  12. From one Browning man to another, I say congrats!
  13. No, the plan won't even allow me to add a line for shared min.
  14. You have to work for Radio Shack for a few months and get on the Employee plan. Then have your manager fired and then quit before the new manager realizes you have the plan so they don't cancel it when you leave.
  15. Actually, it's not SERO: * Free & Clear 3000 * Long Distance Included * Call Waiting, 3-way Calling * Enhanced Sprint Voicemail * Includes Unlimited Text Msgs * Includes 3000 Minutes to Use Anytime Monthly charge for service plan $20.0 Plan add-ons for XXXXXXXXXXXX * Cellular Call Detail Included * Nights and weekends starting at 7pm Included * Domestic Roaming Overage Included * Total Equipment Protection 7.00 * Sprint Retail EMP PV Ult Data Pack Included * PCS PICTURE MAIL Included * 1000 Nights & Weekends-9pm Included
  16. So right now I have the Palm Pre from Sprint. I pay about $25 a month for 3k min, unlim txt and data. The Moto Droid will be coming out very shortly over on the Verizon network. I'm loving the Pre, but the two downfalls are the small keyboard and screen; the droid seems to one up both of these factors. Plus, it's running the new Android 2.0 OS. So, with all that said, do you guys think I should stay with Sprint and the Pre, or make the switch to Verizon when the Droid is released. Also, anyone familiar with Verzon: what kind of plans can I expect for about what I pay with Sprint? Is Verizon's data speed comparable to Sprint's? Thanks, Null http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2009/10/19/...droid-hands-on/
  17. Thanks for the link to the petition. BTW, as it stands there are 94,476 signatures. If all those people refuse to purchase the game, IW/Act will loose $4,722,855.24 USD.
  18. There is only one reason for this. Greed. Screw the PC users by developing anything extra for them. Port the s.itty 360 version to PC and be done. Sell all the 360 and PS3 copies we can. FPS GAMES BELONG ON PC!!
  19. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Then its hilarious!
  20. Black Sclera :was looking at costume contact lenses:
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