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  1. Dariuas, Working at BB, do you have a special Sprint service plan? Like $20 a month for 3000 min, unlim data and text? Null
  2. I was 1899th in the queue and got one! See you there! Frostsocks - Shadowsong US
  3. FIOS you need a Digital TV box in every room, you can no longer split one signal into all the TVs and watch separate channels on each. In addition, for each box there is generally a $5-$15/mo fee, plus an additional fee for HD content and or HDR capabilities. Also, Verizon has to come out and dig up your yard to run a FIber line to your garage, to which a giant box is connected, mounted on your wall and new, high-quality coax is run through out the house. This may seem like a hassle, but the result is pure, unadulterated HDTV, crystal clear telephone and ultra fast, ultra low ping Internet. I am currently a Verizon FIOS subscriber. Hope this helps, Null
  4. Ride the Tiger, the great Tiger in the sky! \m/!
  5. I thought you needed a different client for Nvidia?
  6. I was thinking Pontifex for the first game, but that's not it. And the 2nd game sounds like Diablo.
  7. I am a big fan of Kershaw's Ken Onion line. They are a torsion bar assisted open knife. Kershaw is great too, they will send you free replacement torsion bars anytime you need, as the torsion bar is rated to about 10,000 openings. I recommend the Kershaw Ken Onion Leek with a semi-serrated blade. Null
  8. Why the hell are the radical Islams even watching Southpark, doesn't that violate some kind of code or law or something.
  9. Roger is the British slang for doing the deed.
  10. What an incredible way to celebrate the life of a fallen friend, thank you Bosco for this contest.
  11. Actually, you can apply for several car or home loans in a short period of time and it will only count as 1 hit, this allows you to shop around for the best rate without impacting your credit. Having been four months, he should be perfectly able to shop around again. Hope he finds one he likes! Null
  12. Thanks for the head's up, ClayMeow! Downloading now.
  13. What a great way to pay tribute to a fallen comrade! Thanks for this, Bosco.
  14. The sender just needs to send via paypal to your paypal email.
  15. Just had 6 shots of Smirnoff 80 proof followed by 1 shot of Jack. I'm more of a vodka fan, but I do enjoy the whiskey from time to time.
  16. Is it at all possible to wire out a CAT5 to your PC? This by far is the better option over wireless. If not, maybe a router with some kind of directional antenna.
  17. Haha, my pro-gun stance,! Yea I thought it would be neat to dress up like a winter commando or something. I actually wear the full face mask minus the goggles at work since I work in a cold warehouse. You were right, the pistol is a Beretta M92FS but the rifle is a semi-auto (or auto loading) SKS with the wood stock on. I've also got a bit of a tactical stock for it too somewhere. For my pistol I just got a cool drop-leg tactical holster platform for to which I've mounted my Blackhawk! SERPA holster and a mag holder to. I also have another platform on my left leg for up to 6 more mags or accessories =).
  18. This picture I just had a friend take of me pretty well explains my stance on Guns here in California.
  19. I choose PDA because time for time, I use my Palm Pre more than my Desktop for everyday things like google, directions and Wiki. I game on my Desktop tho. Null
  20. IIxNullxII

    Games to buy.

    Don't forget about Star Wars Galaxies.
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