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  1. Lol, just wondering if I should Upgrade to water cooling... for the summer months
  2. moments after i posted the 1st message, my temp went down another degree.
  3. Heya, last post my CPU temp was 89F, now it's down to 87F. Sensor 1 is MOBO temp, 2 is CPU temp
  4. i decided to extend my duct. it now reached to the opening of the window and allows my to only have the window open about 5 inches.
  5. it dosent go directly outside. heres what i did: I have a 80MM-50CFM Sunon fan in the top blow hole that i reversed so it blows in, then i made a cardboard duct outta an old keyboard box. I put my computer on my desk that is almost under a window, then i made the duct so that it reaches the rest of the way to the open window and up to the screen on the window. im thinking of getting a filter to reduce the ammount of moisture that could come in at night.
  6. Only things i use are fans, no special programs or anything. but the cool weather at night being funneld into my computer with a duct sure helps
  7. Hey yall, u think that 89F is a good temp for an idle AMD athlon XP 1800+? the hottest it runs is 100F @ full load, measured while encoding a DivX movie. did i forget to mention that this is air cooled? heres a pic:
  8. I think the color of the chip has something to do with weather or not its locked. I have a 1800+ and its on a green chip; and im able to change all the settings in the bios, multiplyers, fsb, ect. im wondering if the color IS the key.
  9. Super Speed all the way! love to be able to zip around and type 700 WPM.
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