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    Seriously considering this for my next build. Thank you for the review!


    Fractal has been getting quite the attention as of recent. Well, when you produce something as good looking and functional as The R6, your bound to get some attention. 


    I refreshed a build from 2013 into a Fractal Designs Meshify C and really like it:



  2. I own a few rifles and pistols, and shoot regularly both indoors and outdoors. Over the years I have come to prefer a pistol with full metal construction. I own both a Beretta M92F and a Springfield 1911. The other feature of these two pistols I love is the external hammer, and that added visual security it provides. I like to quickly look at the pistol and see that its cocked or not.

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  3. Ethernet through power is a great solution. I've been a Ethernet person for a very long time, too. I have run wires through the attic just so I don't have to plug in a PCI or USB wireless adapter. I'm glad you found a solution, and also wanted to point out this I found recently, and have been looking into for my own home. It's a set that includes 3-6 wall modules that plug into power, each has a wireless emitting antenna, and a single Ethernet jack. You put one where the router is, and plugin the ethernet, then set up more around the house. Preferably one in each room. It's a little expensive, but seems to offer a better advantage over your standard WiFi router or Ethernet over Power.



  4. I actually just switched from a 4K Monoprice back to a 1080p, I went with a $249 Asus https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236722 24" 144hz. It preforms spectacularly in games and OS operations. I don't play movies on my PC either, but I did test one out and it was decent, but too bright. I don't have the settings adjusted for movies though, just games. I picked it up at Fry's, and while I was there I could have sword I saw a similar version in 28", but I might have been in a daze form all the technological goodness there.

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