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  1. Mercury I just bought that KT400 Board would like some tips on OCing if u could 1.4athlon Volcano 9+ 512 DDR2700 Thx for any imput u might have
  2. Hay Mercury i just got the KT400 any tips on OCing a athlon 1.4 and DDR2700 512 ram would be much aprciated Volcano 9 1.4 athlon 512 DDDR2700
  3. Just got a new Soyo KT400 MB...with 512 DDR2700ram and a 1.4 Athalon cpu...any ideas on Overclocking would be gratefull..I dont want to do too much just us a little more of it than i really have to Video card is a PNY GF4 Ti 4600 Volcano 9+ Fan on CPU Thank you for ur time
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